Digital space purity: how Islamic law can save the sociocultural environment while avoiding conflicts.

Digital space purity: how Islamic law can save the sociocultural environment while avoiding conflicts.

Singapore, Singapore - 12/03/2021 — In a world where we have anything anytime on the oversaturated market, the Qube Platform perseveres the old standards of the main and the very first digital space mission—to unite people from all over the world to let them experience crypto-fellowship. While that makes the project old-fashioned in some way, it holds friendly communication as an essential part of the digital world.

What's the definition of a “Sharia-based” Crypto System?

Sharia is a term used in multiple ways by Muslims. It can be used to refer to the correct Islamic behavior that would be classified as ‘law’ (e.g., commercial or criminal matters). But it is often used much more broadly to refer to the Muslim way of life in general.

The development of Shariah law standards in the Crypto world is not only an exciting innovation for Muslims, but also for non-Muslims who are interested in ethical financial platforms. We at the Qube found how to address this part of the world, previously excluded from the community.

Based on Shariah law, the Qube Platform excludes interconnections with gambling, cannabis, derivatives, credit, and loans projects. Qube holds a firm position of not accepting projects related to the above-mentioned categories and does not implement any tools that are contrary to Sharia law.

Any user can still use DeFi tools on our platform, trade NFT-art, or invest in projects that meet Sharia standards. We follow the ethical standards regarding our project activities so that we can make our product available to absolutely everyone. By remaining outside religious matters, the Qube project  will not lose any of the essential functions providing the platform full of different tools for users from all over the World.

About Qube.

Qube is a multifunctional crypto platform aimed at providing an all-in-one ecosystem for crypto aficionados. With Qube, users get access to four different services necessary for their day-to-day operations in the crypto world: Qube Swap, a Decentralized Exchange for trading with DeFi, an NFT marketplace to buy or sell digital assets, an IDO Launchpad for early-stage crypto startups and, a community of crypto enthusiasts, with new analytic services powered by Qube, blogs and job market available to everyone.

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