Cure Aqua Gel Was Featured On The Today Show And In An Online Article By

Cure Aqua Gel Was Featured On The Today Show And In An Online Article By

Los Angeles, CA, United States - 12/02/2021 — Cure Aqua Gel, a skincare company dedicated to providing gentle and innovative products for customers, has been featured in an article on as well as on The Today Show. Their products appeared in an article titled, “8 dermatologist-approved beauty products from around the world.”

Cure Aqua Gel (, a skincare company based in Los Angeles, CA, has recently been featured by both on TV and in an online article: 8 Dermatologist-Approved Beauty Products From Around The World. The company focuses on creating innovative skincare products that are gentle on the skin and that doesn’t make use of microbeads, fragrances, or artificial colors. To this end, their products have won numerous awards including “Best Selling Exfoliator” by the Watsons HWB Awards and “Brand of the Year” by the World Branding Awards. 

The team at Cure Aqua Gel is honored that their signature product, the Aqua Gel Exfoliator, has been featured on the list titled “8 dermatologist-approved beauty products from around the world.” Unlike other exfoliators out there that make use of harsh ingredients that can be damaging to the skin, the Aqua Gel Exfoliator is water-based, containing 91% active hydrogen water. The effect is a formula that is gentle and suitable for use by all skin types, including sensitive skin. The soothing, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties of the exfoliator make it a bestseller for many good reasons.

As a morning pioneer that has earned a spot on the list of longest-running television series nationwide, the influence of The Today Show cannot be underestimated. First started in 1952, it has evolved from a two-hour show into the four-hour broadcast it is today. Millions of loyal viewers tune in each morning for their daily dose of news, weather, and entertainment, and it is an honor for the Cure Aqua Gel team to find out that their signature product has been featured on air.

About Cure Aqua Gel

Cure Aqua Gel provides Japanese skincare products that are suitable for all skin types to the American market. Their products are soothing and gentle to the skin, making use of ingredients that are not harsh or contain irritating fragrances. Their focus is on creating groundbreaking skincare products, and their line of gentle water-based products has been a fan favorite since 2003. Cure Aqua Gel is located at 10100 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90064, U.S.A., and can be contacted toll-free via phone at (833) 278-2435. Alternatively, you can drop them an email at

About and The Today Show are run by NBC. The Today Show is a morning news and talk television show that has remained on the list of longest-running television series in the country. Its corresponding website,, features a wide range of trending news with categories including style, health & wellness, parenting, pop culture, and more. The Today Show is located in a ground-floor studio on the corner of 49th Street and Rockefeller Center, overlooking Rockefeller Plaza.

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