Color Your UNIVERSE in 2021!

Color Your UNIVERSE in 2021!

United States NY New York - 02/05/2021 — Clean and Green Beauty from Soo’AE!

Soo’AE’s first skin care collection launch for 2021! The Universe collection is affordable, pleasant and suitable for all types of skin. The collection offers a broad selection of masks for all types of skin concerns and enables consumers to mix and match the products to best target their specific skin needs. The versatility and combination factor of the collection is what sets this collection apart from regular sheet masks. They are presented in bold, colorful new packaging and are convenient and time-saving to incorporate in any skin routine.

The Universe line-up includes Purity Oxygen Bubble Mask, Joy Flower Petal Peel Off, Charming Gold Color Change Mask, Unique Diamond Peeling Gel, Gorgeous Charcoal Nose Strip, Positivity Sea Salt Peel Off, and Warmth Mushroom Mud Mask. Each non-sheet mask formula is inspired by the Psychology of Colors where the formula corresponds to positive words and expressions from the packaging.

Quote: “We are pleased to be able to provide low-cost but high-quality masks for consumers. The Combination tip is placed on the back, so consumers can mix and match products and build their own signature mask routine. Also, the “I CHOOSE” part represents what the consumers can choose amongst various products to resolve specific skin concerns.” - Soo’AE NPD Team.

Unique Selling Points (USP):

  • Purity Oxygen Bubble Mask - Mud to bubble mask that helps to absorb impurities and revitalize complexion while balancing the moisture and oil level of your skin
  • Joy Flower Petal Peel Off - Enriched with botanical blends of real Calendula flower petals combined with soothing and nourishing effects of sunflower seed oil. No added artificial colorant.
  • Positivity Sea Salt Peel Off - Pore care peel off that helps to exfoliate, balance, and smooth skin.
  • Charming Gold Color Change Mask - White to gold clay mask that provides nourishing, brightening, and clarifying benefits to the skin.
  • Unique Diamond Peeling Gel - Clarifying and brightening gommage peeling gel with refining power of diamond and cellulose.
  • Warmth Mushroom Mud Mask - Gentle mud mask formulated with dirt-absorbing ingredients that help to smooth and soften skin.
  • Gorgeous Charcoal Nose Strip - Blessed with the purifying power of charcoal, it helps to clean nose pores while soothing it with green tea and tea tree.

The new range of Soo’AE masks will be available at Walmart US and Canada and on

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