launches ERC-20 Token on SushiSwap (ANAL/ETH) launches ERC-20 Token on SushiSwap (ANAL/ETH)

United States, Colorado, Boulder - 06/03/2021 — As Volatility Returns to Crypto, Aims to Capitalize

In another day of gains for Bitcoin and BTC stabilizing around the $37K mark (for now) the last two weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for crypto investors.

A crackdown on crypto in China sparked a big dip across the board. It was a return to volatility not seen for more than four months. This highly volatile period served as a timely reminder that even an asset like Bitcoin which saw 305% growth in 2020, will have its down movements too.

Crypto markets in general are famously volatile in nature and the past fortnights volatility confirm it. Too often, traders commonly take up positions in tokens in illiquid pairs. These pairs may be in an upward trend in the with sufficient liquidity in the evening and by morning, the trend could be completely and dramatically reversed.

The Analysis Token is an innovative Technical Analysis-based token that literally loves the volatility in crypto.

Until now, there has been limited application of regular market security trading strategies to the world of crypto.

What offers is a measure of protection by automatically entering or exiting overnight swap positions. Users have the ability to develop their own advanced buy and sell strategies formulated on technical analysis chart-based overlays in a user-friendly gui (graphical user interface) interface.

Earn While You Sleep

Its beauty is its simplicity. Anyone can develop their own signal strategies and programming skills are not required. Anyone with little or no trading knowledge can set up buy and signals that will enable the user to earn whilst they sleep. enables the user to use technical analysis to not just spot a breakout, but to act upon it. Easy to read charts and easy to develop strategies, can turn even the most extreme crypto market volatility into a friend rather than a foe.

Speaking of earning. carries out monthly airdrops to managed wallet addresses of the system to offset the cost of gas. Tiered airdrops of 1,000 to 10,000 ETH/ANAL tokens are awarded dependent upon the success of the strategy.

Leveraging SOC 2 level security features provided by Google Cloud, the recently launched has adopted a security-first approach. The project undertakes regular independent verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls, achieving certifications, attestations, and audit reports to ensure full compliance and transparency.

Symbol ANAL/ETH launched on SushiSwap

Official Contract:  0x1a2df43ae7dee5e7a1915a4125a0c3875757bd5a

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