Clinique Chloe Aesthetic Medicine Montreal Seeks To Improve Beauty Using Modern Cosmetic Neuromodulators

Clinique Chloe Aesthetic Medicine Montreal Seeks To Improve Beauty Using Modern Cosmetic Neuromodulators

MONTREAL, CANADA - 09/30/2019 — Clinique Chloé Aesthetic Medicine Montreal, a cosmetic clinic based in Montreal, Canada has announced that it will be using the latest cosmetic neuromodulators and technology to improve its cosmetic surgery procedures. Neuromodulators is a combination of botox and dysport used to relax some of the facial muscles responsible for expression such as frowning, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

Under the new use of the latest neuromodulators technology, the company seeks to lower botox Montreal price as well as push the limits of cosmetic surgery to provide other related services. Some new services that the company launched include the use of botox in Montreal to treat excessive sweating otherwise referred to as hyperhidrosis. Chloe Sylvestre, the founder of the clinic affirmed that there are so many ways botox can be put into use. She said;

Botox for Hyperhidrosis is a welcome treatment for those suffering from the menace of excessive sweating. Some amount of sweating is good as it keeps the body temperature neutral. But, when you start sweating more than necessary that too for no reason this condition is called Hyperhidrosis. Even extra-strength antiperspirants can it control excessive sweating. Botox treatment for underarm sweating has been proved by the FDA.”

Founded a few years ago by Chloe Sylvestre, one of the most prominent cosmetic doctors in the world, the clinic focuses on providing personalized cosmetic surgery procedures to different patients. So far, the clinic serves approximately 50,000 patients. The clinic is staffed with professional medical doctors who have the relevant expertise in carrying out the surgical and non-surgical treatments to improve conditions such as scars, skin discoloration, pimples and other issues to improve the physical look. The clinic regularly seeks to improve the cosmetic surgery procedures by incorporating it with the latest technology. 

Chloe Sylvestre, the founder of the clinic is also focused on discovering new applications of aesthetic medicine. 

“Aesthetic medicine and surgeries, as well as procedures, were not very popular before and also its applications were also very limited in nature. However, with the continuous improvements in the technology and these modifications being utilized in the area of medicine and also health-care, aesthetic medication became popular and it continues to become more with increasing modifications in the various fields of medicine”


About Clinique Chloé Aesthetic Medicine Montreal

Clinique Chloé Aesthetic Medicine Montreal was founded by Chloe Sylvestre with the purpose of providing cosmetic surgery procedures. Chloe Sylvestre is a public speaker and a teacher of aesthetic medicine. She is widely regarded as one of the most prominent cosmetic doctors in the world. Chloe is a graduate from the College of Physicians in Canada. Her clinic serves over 50,000 patients and offers some of the best aesthetic medical treatments on the market. You can learn more about the company by following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  


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