CharityNet USA Completes Rebrand to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions

CharityNet USA Completes Rebrand to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions

Orlando, Florida, United States - 01/04/2022 — We’re pleased to announce that we have completed our rebrand from CharityNet USA to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions.  It’s been a two-year journey, as we wanted to be mindful in our approach and exercise care with clients and prospective clients throughout the process.

BryteBridge provides consulting and administrative services to help nonprofits and entrepreneurs start, build, and maintain their organizations by offering incorporation, development, and compliance services designed to ease administrative burdens on small nonprofits and burgeoning entrepreneurs.

At BryteBridge, our mission is to empower dreamers and doers to build organizations that positively impact their communities by serving as a bridge between idea and reality through relationships, education, technology, and excellent service.

Since inception, we have supported over 35,000 nonprofits and businesses. We started with the goal of helping small businesses incorporate and provide start-ups services, as we observed small business owners often felt defeated by the administrative and compliance obstacles involved in getting their businesses up and running. 

As we evolved, we found a niche supporting the nonprofit community. Nonprofits often had similar challenges but added on was the additional stress of obtaining their 501(C)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS, registering their charity in their home state, and preparing IRS Form 990. Today, we also help nonprofits build their first website to market their mission and collect donations. Additionally, we provide grant writing services to established organizations.

By hiring a partner like BryteBridge, nonprofits are better positioned to focus on their growth and day-to-day operations.

We would like to thank the 35,000+ clients who have trusted us throughout this journey. We appreciate their continued support as we carry on our mission. 

About the Rebrand

“We selected the BryteBridge name, because it is vibrant, positive, and aligns with our purpose of empowering dreamers and doers to build organizations that positively impact their community”, says Brian Davis President. ‘Bryte’ is a play on the spelling of ‘bright’, which has multiple positive uses, and ‘Bridge’ as a pathway over an obstacle. We take our role seriously as we help clients overcome barriers to their own philanthropic and business success. 

For 2022, we have great things on the horizon. This includes new technology to help nonprofits manage their annual compliance and administrative requirements. We are committed to helping the nonprofit community by providing key tools, resources, and education to help them build and maintain sustainable organizations.  For more information about BryteBridge, please visit us at

About BryteBridge: Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Winter Park, FL, BryteBridge is a nonprofit start-up and development company that offers consulting services to help nonprofit organizations get started, grow, and maintain compliance. Expanding from nonprofit registration services in 2004, BryteBridge’s current consultative approach pairs clients with a dedicated team consisting of  nonprofit consultants and specialists.  Core services include incorporation, charity registration, 501(C)(3) tax-exemption, strategic planning, grant writing, 990 tax filing, bookkeeping, and web design. BryteBridge works to ensure nonprofits are positioned to impact their local communities and the causes they passionately believe in. BryteBridge operates the brands BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, BryteBridge Insurance Solutions, and BryteBridge Business Services; all brands are positioned to support nonprofit organizations and small businesses. 

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