Chalkola’s Pack of 40 Chalk Markers 6mm Still a Top Choice for Artists and Creators

Chalkola’s Pack of 40 Chalk Markers 6mm Still a Top Choice for Artists and Creators

Miami - 05/03/2021 — Since Chalkola launched their pack of 40 Chalk Markers 6mm, it has become a staple art tool, shooting to prominence both in and out of the creative community.

Miami, May 03, 2021 - The now iconic 6mm nib size featured in Chalkola’s pack of 40 Chalk Markers -- the family-run art supplier’s flagship -- has retained traction among artists and novices who seek versatile, durable, easy-to-use art tools. 

The 6mm nib is just the perfect size for creating bold and brilliant strokes. So it’s no surprise that kids, parents, teachers, artists, crafters, and business owners have turned to Chalkola’s liquid chalk markers to explore and express their creativity. From artworks to drawings, displays, signs, menu boards, party decorations, and calligraphy, one will find the 6mm nib size ideal for any project, spurring its users to push the limits of their imagination. 

The release of this product has been emblematic of Chalkola’s mission to make art accessible to enthusiasts of all ages and from all stages. As well as appealing to professional artists, Chalkola’s pack of 40 Chalk Markers allows parents, teachers, students, and entrepreneurs to work on their art skills and use chalk pens for whatever purpose -- whether for leisure or work. 

The pack of 40 Chalk Markers 6mm includes chalk pens in colors and finishes running the gamut from neons to pastels, classics, and metallics. 

Chalkola’s chalk markers are an innovative and multi-purpose art tool. Using powder in lieu of ink, they are non-toxic, kid-friendly, dustless, smudge-free, and ideal for non-porous surfaces, easily making them one of the best chalkboard markers on the market. 

This popular item is available on Chalkola’s website, where customers may also get their hands on other art supplies, such as paint markers, paints, non-porous magnetic chalkboards, canvases, and other accessories. Browse through the sections for tutorials and tips on product usage, applications, and more.

Chalkola has been making art accessible for everyone since 2014. Offering an ever-growing selection of high-quality, non-toxic art materials, from their signature chalk markers to artist-quality paints, the family business has cleaved to its philosophy through and through: live a vibrant life. For additional information, visit


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