Tarzana, CA - 02/08/2021 — Los Angeles, CA February 6, 2021: The pandemic forced millions of people into financial uncertainty.

Solidifying her future and not having to rely on a 9 to 5 is why one California entrepreneur began investing in the stock market years ago, and now, it’s her mission to teach others what she has learned.

Marlo Nicole, CEO, entrepreneur and serial investor wants to create a new generation of wealth by teaching kids and adults financial literacy and how to invest in stocks, businesses and to diversify their money.

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“I have made a lot of money. I’ve also blown and lost a lot of money and made poor financial decisions at one point in my life. As a child and even a young adult, my mother did a great job of talking to me about credit and making sure that I had a 401K. I wish she had gone a lot deeper into how to grow and manage it. There is a lot more that can be done to investment accounts besides simply making deposits.”

I figured out how to make money by working, and investing. But, I never really knew how to use my investments to create wealth,” said Marlo Nicole.

After having gone through a traumatic employment related experience a few years ago, she found herself receiving no income for nearly a year and having to manage living off of past investments that were made.

She quickly realized that what she’d managed to save for nearly 18 years could barely support her lifestyle for 1 year.

Marlo Nicole recalled some things that her grandfather taught her as a child:

1- work hard while you’re young so that you can relax when you get older. 2- Invest enough so that you can live off of the interest.

  1. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
  2. Help people that are willing to help themselves.

With that said, the last few years Marlo Nicole has worked very hard to rebuild; creating several brands, she is a key investor in two companies that she’s contracted not to disclose, has diversified her stock portfolio to include cryptocurrency in addition to producing television and film projects along side Rodney Barnes Productions.

Marlo Nicole’s Business Bullish Vlog and podcast feature interviews with other entrepreneurs, investors and business owners that are willing to give free advice and insight into both their successes and failures.

Her Business Bullish pages on Instagram and Facebook highlight posts, articles and other images designed to inspire investing and business ownership aimed at generational wealth.

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