CarGuard Provides Easier Way to Update Contracts

CarGuard Provides Easier Way to Update Contracts

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States - 12/23/2021 — Every driver should have their vehicle covered while they are on the road. While new vehicles typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty to cover any repairs needed, these only last for a little while. These warranties also only cover some of the costs of maintaining a vehicle.


CarGuard Administration is one of the US’s leading vehicle protection plan services. More vehicle owners are satisfied with this service compared to the protection that was initially on their vehicles. A vehicle protection plan covers a lot more than the manufacturer’s warranty does. This encourages people to take their vehicles into the repair shop to avoid worsening issues.


CarGuard has vehicle protection plans for every vehicle owner. Every driver has different requirements, making their company the ideal service to contact. Not only do they have a range of different protection plan categories, but they also have several plans to choose from in each category. This includes:


  • Flat-rate plans
  • Powertrain plans
  • Gold plans
  • Platinum plans
  • Prepaid maintenance plans


The driver that only takes their car out for errands doesn't need the same type of protection plan as the driver who takes their vehicle all over the state for work. This is why CarGuard Trevor Smith was adamant that the company provides reliable options for everyone. 


Currently, their company provides protection plans to vehicle owners in 48 different states. The only states they currently are not providing service for are Washington and California. 


CarGuard has a 5-star reputation for the extended protection plans that they offer customers. However, they recently launched CarGuard Updates, allowing contract sellers to upgrade their plans easily online. When contract sellers want to update their policies, it typically involves a lot of work.


Contract sellers who are tired of dealing with several companies and an endless pile of paperwork to change a customer’s contract can go online to simplify the experience. This service has greatly impacted contract sellers, and CarGuard has been busier than ever, helping their vehicle protection plan sellers. 

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