BSA Contracting Releases Guidelines for Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

BSA Contracting Releases Guidelines for Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

  • BSA Contracting provides bathroom and kitchen renovations in Queens and throughout New York City.
  • The company has released a set of helpful guidelines for homeowners considering bathroom or kitchen renovations.

Queens, NY - 06/04/2021 — BSA Contracting, a home improvement contractor in Queens, NY, has released a helpful set of guidelines for homeowners considering bathroom or kitchen renovations. These guidelines should make it much easier for homeowners to complete their renovation projects with confidence.

Renovations never felt so good!
– Barry Arcuik

Bathroom Renovations

When doing a renovation to a bathroom, whether it is in a private house, a condominium, or a co-op, there are several steps that need to be taken:

  1. The first step would be to set your budget, so you know what you are looking to accomplish and what materials you will use for the project. Most bathrooms date back to before 1978, and that means that you have to check for lead and asbestos before any work can begin.
  2. The second step would be to have a time frame in mind in which you need to get this project accomplished.
  3. You’ll need to decide what type of job you want to have done. A total gut job is what they call it when you remove the floor and take everything down, including the Plaster of Paris sheet rock on the walls, leaving you with one big unfinished bathroom to renovate or remodel.
  4. You’ll also need to decide what you want to change in your new bathroom. For example, do you want to replace the bathtub or the shower? Do you want new vanity cabinets or a pedestal sink with a medicine cabinet? Do you want new tiles on the wall next to the bathtub? The plumbing, electrical system, and floor tiles will all need to be upgraded as well.
  5. Before any work can begin, there is a contract and paperwork to be filled out by the client, as well as additional paperwork to be filled out by the management office if applicable. After the paperwork is completed and the deposit is paid, the contractor can start to work.

Kitchen Renovations

There are several steps involved in any kitchen renovation, including:

  1. Knowing how much you are looking to spend and what types of materials you want to use.
  2. New appliances, cabinets, and the materials needed to complete the job should be purchased before work begins and set aside so they can be accessed when needed. Kitchen cabinets should be selected based on the style and quality the client prefers and measured to fit the layout of the kitchen. The customer will also pick out several samples of paint as well as lighting fixtures and designs.
  3. The contractor will remove the existing kitchen cabinets, floors, walls, and so on as needed, and will also check for asbestos and lead.
  4. The work area should be protected with a plastic vapor barrier and vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum to keep dust and debris from flying around.
  5. When all the walls are opened up, the plumber will come in and start to work on the water and discharge line.
  6. The electrician will come in and upgrade the electric system, installing new wires from the circuit breaker to the outlets in the kitchen.
  7. The floor tiles must be installed before any cabinets, to ensure that all cabinets will meet up at the same height.
  8. The countertop, sink, and faucets will be installed. The countertop can be quartz, granite, or marble depending on the customer’s need. A backsplash will also be installed to protect against water damage.
  9. To close out the work order, the customer will check everything that has been done and compare it to the original diagram.
  10. The contractor will be paid when the job is completed, and the final paperwork has been signed by both parties.


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