Black-Owned Construction Company ran by a women, reached a million in revenue in just 1 year while battling COVID.

Black-Owned Construction Company ran by a women, reached a million in revenue in just 1 year while battling COVID.

Introducing Professional Drainage CEO to the World

Owner Shanese teaming up with sister company Professional Foundation Repair at REimagine 2019 expo. Professional Drainage Experts is a contracting company specializing in commercial grade drainage property preservation. It’s owned by CEO, Shanese Wells, a young african american woman who grew her company into a million dollar business in the first year after helping her husband grow his construction company, Professional Foundation Repair.

Five years ago Shanese found herself beaming with joy due to her most recent milestone, graduating from UCSB with a BA in Psychology. She could be seen smiling and seemingly enjoying every bit of it, when in actuality her mind was being bogged down with the idea of having to find a way to afford her cap and gown, a graduation dress and a photographer to capture her achievements. As tears passed her face she recognized that the job she did have was not providing enough for her needs. Watching her friends and peers experience graduation activities with no financial restrictions was discouraging. Only able to afford to pay anyone $40 for their time, Shanese asked her teammate Andrew to take her photos. She felt embarrassed, but knew she would at least be able to participate when everyone posted their pictures.


Shanese Wells UCSB Graduation Post in 2015

Shanese needed to purchase a new car and was faced with the daunting task of having to yet again, figure out how she would ever be able to afford a $5,000 car. Shanese did not see a future that would exceed her expectations, settling in her mind with the notion that if she capped at $80,000 she would be content. She said, “That was my goal and the highest I could see.” Having enough money so that checking her balance before each purchase seemed attainable. Her husband, Darin Wells, a successful entrepreneur had better intentions for her when he saw how much Shanese helped grow his company.

Growing up, her parents played major roles in her life. Shanese’s mother said that college was mandatory and her dad would not let her quit her first job because it pushed her out of her comfort zone. She then met her then fiance, now husband, who she says, “…opened my eyes to higher financial/business goals that I could have ever imagined.” The community around her gave her the push she needed to aspire for more and be where she is today.


Now Shanese owns her own business called, Professional Drainage Experts and is killing the game! She leads a team of great people who she says, “ I give my all for because they give their all for me.” She credits her great family for loving and supporting her. Ironically, it took her husband reminding her of her success to prompt her to buy herself a new truck — far from the days when she couldn’t imagine saving $5,000!

Through her prayers, hard work and the right people in her corner she feels she can look back at where she once was, where she is now and where she wants to be.

Shanese and husband Darin Wells wedding day July of 2020 Shanese’s message to others is, “Please don’t give up if your life isn’t where you want it to be right now. Keep pushing and keep that “grind mentality” until you achieve whatever goals you’ve set out to.


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