Billionaire Donald Trump’s Business Secrets

Billionaire Donald Trump’s Business Secrets

NEW YORK CITY - 08/18/2016 — In my past articles I highlighted a number of letters from WikiLeaks that had an impact on the reputation of the US presidential candidate Donald Trump. I will not go into details, but let me remind you that there were discussed topics of cash flows for large sums between Donald’s business companies and some influential businessmen from Russia. At the moment, Trump chose a curious position in his speeches, calling to back America’s former glory and economic growth. Indeed, Donald has an extensive successful experience in business and his skills in solving complex business problems could be transferred to the US economy as a whole.

By now, we can notice Trump’s calls for activating of profitable areas of the economy – arms, defense and industry. We can also understand Donald’s thinking against immigrants, as the money earned should be accumulated and multiplied in America and not go to other countries. Such a multi-centralization of the economic sphere will allow Donald Trump really achieve great results for the United States, as soon as he wins the presidential election.

Curiously that Donald uses his right not to show all reports on his companies’ business until November 2016. For the majority of US Donald’s business is the Pandora’s Box. I stumbled on another interesting letter from WikiLeaks, where the business topic was under discussion:

From: xxxxxx
To: xxxxxxx

Date: 08/15/2016
Subject:  Re:

Dear D.

I am ready to discuss with you a project to buy Tiffany shares on the stock exchange, but I would like to start to express my opinion, as we are sharing in the common cause.

Yes, I agree that the diamond market will go up after a small drop, and by now the demand far exceeds the supply. We also should consider the massive investment in the jewelry company producing diamond jewelry. But Tiffany filed a lawsuit against Elements Jewellery last month. The claim amount is $ 500 million, and the cause of it is that Elements Jewellery launched online jewelry sale and their fast delivery across the world, while their products are designed in the image of Tiffany.

As for Tiffany, they conduct the offline sales through their stores, and no delivery is done. Since the Elements Jewellery had not violated any laws and designs of products had been developed by their own designers, the lawsuit had no big chances for success. However, it is curious that Tiffany experts checked the quality of Elements Jewellery ’s products, and it meets all the requirements of the international certification. Rumor has it that Tiffany even thinks about some kind of a merger with Elements Jewellery , so it will be possible to cover the entire market, both online and offline. Please note that if Tiffany takes this step, then it is quite possible that Cartier will review its sales policy.

Since in the jewelry business quality and service are most important, it will not be surprising that Cartier will submit to Elements Jewellery a similar proposal for some kind of merger either. By the way, Elements Jewellery has been in the market for 4 years, and rumor has it that by the end of August it will come out with its shares on the stock exchange in Singapore. We, the older generation businessmen, are with you, dear D, and we well remember the ups of new Internet companies on the stock exchanges. It is worth considering whether it makes sense to wait from Tiffany profits that we can get from such a curious beginner. I await your comments; ahead of us is a very interesting stage in your career.

This means that must be very well prepared.

Regards, Lev L.

I think it makes no sense to comment this letter, as everything is painted in detail. But I’m waiting like you, what Donald Trump will show us in November.

Autor: Executive Editor, Vox. - Matthew Yglesias on August 17/2016

Article:  Donald Trump’s Business Secrets


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