Better Than the Cloud: Prairie IT Takes Effort Out of Backing Up Photos & Videos With A One-Click Solution; New The PhotoStick® Plus Adds Larger Storage Capacity for Pro Photographers

Better Than the Cloud: Prairie IT Takes Effort Out of Backing Up Photos & Videos With A One-Click Solution; New The PhotoStick® Plus Adds Larger Storage Capacity for Pro Photographers

United States, Colorado, Haxtun - 12/21/2020 — With over one million units sold, this updated photo storage solution rescues, saves, and organizes photos and videos from PC and Mac computers.

Prairie IT announces a higher storage capacity version of their digital photo back-up product, The PhotoStick® Plus for PC and Mac — the fast and easy way of finding, rescuing, saving, and organizing photos and videos from a PC or Mac computer.

The updated version of ThePhotoStick® Plus for PC and Mac allows photography and video enthusiasts at all levels to “be their own cloud” with an increased storage capacity of 1TB — enough to store over 200,000 standard-sized photos. This photo storage system is an excellent alternative to web-based cloud storage services for those looking to completely eliminate the threat of cloud storage failure, hackers, and the expensive service fees associated with popular cloud-based storage services like iCloud and Google Drive.

In addition, ThePhotoStick® prevents the catastrophic loss of photo and video files in the event that tragedy strikes and a computer crashes when used regularly as a back-up solution. Prairie IT founder and ThePhotoStick® product visionary, Mark Oman, knows the true value of photo and video files, saying, “photos are more than just files buried on a hard drive or smartphone. They’re priceless memories people want to protect and access, sometimes years later.” 

As a 35-year IT veteran, Oman developed ThePhotoStick® after he experienced the painful loss of several precious photos from a rare family vacation. After retiring from a long career at large tech companies, he left Silicon Valley and moved to the prairie of Colorado to work with his son, founding Prairie IT with the goal of helping people get the most out of their computers. This dedication to sustainability and self-sufficiency lead to the development of ThePhotoStick®, the very product that prevents the permanent loss of precious digital photo archives by putting the solution directly in the hands of the user.

Like ThePhotoStick® 2.0 128GB and 256GB versions, ThePhotoStick® Plus 1TB continues to simplify the difficult photo and video back-up and organization process by making it easy to retrieve and save photos and videos on all PCs (Windows 7 and later) and all Macs (OS X and later). It works by easily saving photos and videos to the 1TB drive — not to a web-based server or the cloud — and contains state-of-the-art proprietary software that begins the back-up process with just one click. This makes it the most effective device for protecting important photo and video files, especially if large amounts of storage are required.

Additionally, ThePhotoStick® Plus also comes with The Photo Organizer™. This new software allows users to not only back up their photos and videos, but also more efficiently organize them within an updated user interface that scans, detects, and eliminates duplicates immediately, saving on time and memory. This new user experience both further simplifies the back-up process and improves overall product performance, supporting multiple images formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, Camera Raw, PD, PDD, PCT, and PICT formats and accepts MOV, QT, MPEG4, AVI, and WMV video formats.

While ThePhotoStick® 1.0 was first released in August of 2016, versions 2.0 and ThePhotoStick® Plus continue to improve on the original concept with continued success. With well over one million units sold in nearly every country on the planet, ThePhotoStick® is a hit with photographers of all skill levels. When asked about his product’s success, Oman said,  "When we launched ThePhotoStick® we had no idea it would become one of the most popular Christmas presents of the holiday season. People just love to give them as gifts."

ThePhotoStick® 2.0 for computers comes in three sizes—128GB, 256GB, and 1TB. 

ThePhotoStick® 2.0 Mobile also comes in three sizes—32GB, 64GB and 128GB. 

For typical photo file sizes, this allows users to store up to 60,000 photos on a 128GB stick.

ThePhotoStick® Plus is a one-time cost, starting at under $200 each, with no recurring fees. It is available to ship today.

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