Beckett cutlery receives best seller badge on Amazon for their ceramic knife set

Beckett cutlery receives best seller badge on Amazon for their ceramic knife set

3/11/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- The exclusive collection of Ceramic knife set has led Beckett Cutlery into getting the ‘best seller’ badge in the Amazon’s Chinese vegetable knives category. The ceramic knife set consists of 3 pieces of kitchen knives including a 6” chef knife, 5” utility and slicing knife and a 4” paring knife.

The chef ceramic knife is designed with the blade placed lower down than the handle which results in fine chopping and precision work. The Utility ceramic knife is designed to cut excellent slices while the paring ceramic knife is perfect to slice fruits and vegetables.

This ceramic knife set comes with 3 knife sheaths fitted to each knife and an exclusive gift box along with a user manual.  All of the ceramic knives are professionally developed, FDA certified, rust proof, non-allergenic and easy to clean.

This ceramic knife set also has 15 times longer edge retention as compared to metal knives. The non-slip handle of the ceramic knife allows better grip so that the user can conveniently use it. It is also light weight and balanced which results in maximum results with minimum efforts.

The high-quality Ceramic knife set is also acid resistant and non-porous which prevents nutrition in food while the fitted sheath helps in keeping the knife blades sharp and safe. Due to all these features, ceramic knife set has gained rave reviews from users on Amazon and currently stands on a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

“Outstanding knives! Ergonomics of the handle are very good. Knives are quite beautiful, and SCALPEL sharp”, says one of the Amazon users.The company also offers a 30-day return warranty for the ceramic knife set, which is available at a discounted price on Amazon

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