Be Proactive About Your Press Release Distribution for Extended Media Outreach

Be Proactive About Your Press Release Distribution for Extended Media Outreach

LAS VEGAS, NV - 11/06/2019 — Trying to get media coverage for your business may seem intimidating, but when it comes to public relations, you must deliver the right story in front of the right audience at the right time. In an ideal world, you may have the perfect PR coverage for everything that could be considered as necessary to create more brand awareness but if you own a small or medium level business with relatively small marketing team acting as public relation team, chances are it already has a lot to cover. 

Being proactive about the PR strategy and media outreach will give you enough control over the narrative you desire to build around the business. Investing time to craft the perfect newsworthy story also helps to grab the attention of the editors and writers who might like to read, write, or share the story. Reaching your target with the right narrative is crucial and spending a little extra budget by engaging a PR firm has its own advantages. 

PR Distribution Inc. is a leading press release distribution service provider that offers premium services at affordable rates. The company has empowered thousands of businesses over the time space of almost two decades to identify and engage with key influencers, and writers. Getting a pro PR firm on-board means the extended reach of your story. It takes away all the burden from your marketing and sales team by doing everything themselves. 

If you are interested in similar services you can check out the PR Distribution Inc. monthly and yearly packages specially designed for the businesses looking for media coverage. As an alternative, to buying the PR writing and distribution service, you can purchase the media contact list to contact editors, media professionals, and journalists. With your list of contacts and press release draft being ready, you can send personalized emails to the list of contacts and share your story.


PR Distribution is a leading press release writing and distribution, service provider. It has helped millions of businesses to get instant recognition by the industry’s most authentic media outlets and journalists. With PR Distribution you get guaranteed visibility in Google/Yahoo/Bing & Google News at a very low cost. You can contact PR Distribution here

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