BackupChain Releases DriveMaker, Maps Drive to FTP Cloud Storage

BackupChain Releases DriveMaker, Maps Drive to FTP Cloud Storage

BALTIMORE, MD - 2/19/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- FastNeuron Inc., the world’s only backup software and cloud backup company specializing in backup components for IT professionals under the BackupChain brand, has released DriveMaker and DriveMaker Plus, the latest version of its FTP cloud storage client software.

DriveMaker maps a drive letter and mounts remote FTP cloud storage securely to any Windows desktop PC or Windows Server. While DriveMaker Plus allows convenient access to BackupChain terabyte cloud backup and cloud storage plans, DriveMaker Freeware is also offered completely free of charge to allow access any remote storage server of your choice.

The new version 2.0 release adds several improvements, such as encrypted link access via SSL, encrypted files, which are accessed transparently and encrypted using military strength security via AES, metadata caching to improve performance, and file name transcription, which improves compatibility with certain types of FTP servers.

"As businesses are expanding their disaster recovery preparedness efforts to the cloud, it is important to offer simplified access to data from anywhere. In addition, remote workforces who are dispersed around the globe can use DriveMaker as a team collaboration tool and share their data securely and conveniently. To our cloud backup users the response has been extremely positive, as DriveMaker expands the use of their account beyond cloud backup to remote cloud file storage as a team platform", said Melissa Weekley, Marketing Manager of FastNeuron.

About BackupChain and FastNeuron

FastNeuron is an innovator in backup software, virtual machine backup, cloud backup, and disaster recovery technologies. The company’s software and services allow businesses as well as IT professionals to build customized backup systems that streamline and automate complex data protection processes. For over 15 years, FastNeuron has been serving IT professionals and SMB worldwide in over 80 countries with disaster recovery software systems and cloud backup services.

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