Author and Shamanic Healer Jon Anastasio Explores the Path to Spiritual Renewal

Author and Shamanic Healer Jon Anastasio Explores the Path to Spiritual Renewal

NESCONSET, NY - 02/12/2018 — Awaken to your true Spiritual identity and learn to walk your path with purpose, power and peace! Jon Anastasio, Owner, Energy Healer, Coach, and Facilitator at The Center for Power and Healing in Seattle, Washington, offers valuable guidance on Reclaiming Your Sacred Path, a weekly radio broadcast with Bold Brave Media. He invites listeners to join him each week as he discusses how to navigate around energetic blocks, clear the channels which lead to understanding your divine purpose and release your inner strength. Based upon universal spiritual principles, Jon’s methods combine the power of spiritual healing energy and the soul’s intention to fulfill our Divine purpose with the best of cognitive learning to steer each client toward the path to becoming their true self. Join Jon as he reveals strategies for focusing and directing your own energy, rebuilding a personal connection with Spirit and defining your own, heart-centered path. 

For most of his life, Jon Anastasio, Ed.D. has been walking his own Spiritual Path while pursuing a career in adult learning and leadership development. As a small child, his mother introduced him to a tree she planted in his honor at the time of his birth, an experience which transformed his connection to the natural world. Raised in the Catholic Faith, Jon developed a lasting respect for ritual and a lasting love for sacred music and meditation as a vehicle to connect to the Divine, further strengthened by his 13 years as a member of the Baha’I Faith. Since then, Jon’s eclectic Spiritual Path has taken him to unexpected and enlightening personal growth experiences, all of which have shaped his spirit as a practitioner. As a Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition and High Priest of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca, Jon employs a wide spectrum of healing practices, providing for a diverse, comprehensive healing experience at The Center for Power and Healing

The recent publication of Reclaiming Your Sacred Path: Using Divination, Manifestation, and Healing to Resume your Spiritual Journey brings Jon’s enlightened wisdom to every corner of the globe. Written with the intention of supporting all those seeking a personal connection to Spirit, Jon offers courage, strength and gentle guidance within the pages of this most essential read: “You are an autonomous, Spiritual being, free and capable of reclaiming your Divine purpose and choosing your path back to Spirit.” Discover your own truth and purpose. Manifest your heart-centered path. Pick up a copy for yourself or a loved one on Amazon, at the Corr Store of the Correllian Tradition, or order it at your local Metaphysical bookstore.


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Tune in to Reclaiming Your Sacred Path on Bold Brave Media each Tuesday from 9:00-10:00pm Eastern by visiting this link: and hear Jon Anastasio, Ed.D. draw from his experience as an author, educator and healing practitioner as he delineates the process for choosing your own spiritual direction and walking your life path with integrity. 

Reclaiming Your Sacred Path also features discussions with Shamans, energy healers, behavioral scientists, mediums and practitioners of multiple forms of divination, all to support you in learning to listen to your inner wisdom and the guides and Spiritual support that surround you, choosing the path to take, embracing your spiritual autonomy, and resuming your heart-centered spiritual journey with clarity and confidence.

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