An Artful Message to Mankind Delivers Warnings from the Wild

An Artful Message to Mankind Delivers Warnings from the Wild

New York, NY - 04/30/2021 — Acclaimed high jewelry artisan, Paula Crevoshay, reinforces an #EarthDayEveryday message with a video going viral.

New Mexico, April 30, 2021… Bespoke jewelry artisan, Paula Crevoshay has long transformed her brush stroke painting talent into precious wearable gem art.  Now, admirers of all things earthy in nature are paying attention to Crevoshay’s #EarthDayEveryday video, a video that is going viral.  

Debuting on Earth Day, April 22, 2021, “Everyday Should be #Earthday with #Crevoshay,” quickly gained hundreds of likes and has moved to thousands of organic views worldwide: 


Crevoshay’s “be good to Gaia” YouTube video has surpassed both of the Pope’s Earth Day videos combined, with Crevoshay’s views exceeding 10,000. These organic views continue to climb as Crevoshay’s earth-inspired message is resonating with nature and art lovers across a spectrum of ages and nationalities.

In the video, Crevoshay shares sobering facts surrounding some of the world’s most endangered animals. Contrasting these hard facts, the viewer is uplifted with Crevoshay high jewelry from her “Endangered Treasury.”  Crevoshay reinforces that humans will not survive without pollination, while celebrating florals in wearable art from the “Botanical Treasury.” Crevoshay deploys the word “treasuries” rather than the commonly accepted jewelry term, “collections,” since every Crevoshay jewel is extraordinarily rare and one-of-a-kind, like the artist herself.

Colorful butterflies flutter over our planet, symbolizing the delicate balance of life and mirrors the butterfly hallmark crowning the Crevoshay logo. A billowing white flag displays the artist’s #EarthDay sentiment, yet the same white flag foreshadows a symbol of surrender from vulnerable earthy creatures. The foreshadowing continues with Crevoshay’s heirloom art imprinted on weathered paper dangling from dying forest branches… Another contrast of Earth’s fragility forever embodied within Crevoshay’s indelible fine art. 

Human intervention has caused the need for Earth Day, and human intervention will safeguard our planet from self-destruction. “Be good to Gaia and Gaia will be good to you,” the closing quote from Paula Crevoshay imparts a positive call-to-action. It’s one we all should heed.

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