Actions Speak Louder Than Words at TRIFECTA MED SPA & WELLNESS

Actions Speak Louder Than Words at TRIFECTA MED SPA & WELLNESS

2/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- How many times have you brushed past someone who has left you with a lasting impression for days on end? How many months has it been that someone has given you a pleasing comment that meant exploring you skin deep? How well are you, over the years, able to hold the gaze with yourself as you look inside the mirror without a single shred of clothing ogling over the hills and valleys of your body?

Normally you wouldn’t be asking all these questions to yourself if you would have taken 15 minutes out of your routine to visit the Trifecta Med Spa and Wellness Center. Dr. Edward Fruitman combines the latest that non-invasive medical technology can offer with the skillset of the practitioners that do not make compromise to reverse time for a youthful you.

Impressions last a lifetime, only if they pique attention. The highest sought after FDA approved Botox and Cool Sculpting treatments are bound to leave you with desirable results famed widely all across the Big Apple.

Allergan trained specialists administer certified Botox requirement to reduce muscle activity for maintenance and enhancement of soft features, to accentuate your skin that it becomes your improved identity. Just because we are based in three different areas within the New York City does not mean we charge by the area. Reminiscing to the Hippocratic Oath in line with our services offered, we charge per unit depending upon a mark of your expectation that you set for us to exceed and the area you want to work on.

The lasting look of youth never remains complete if it isn’t shaped in the right way. Therefore, Cool Sculpting, a non-invasive method to freeze stubborn fat pockets that no diet can eliminate, brings you a step closer to perfection losing up to 20% fat without discomfort, interruption or scarring. We go beyond the call with Dual Cool. You may be thinking that this is Too Cool to be true, that too together reduces time without conciliation on output.

Give more than mirrors the chance to reflect a new you today. With all the more reasons for you to visit Dr. Edward Fruitman at the Trifecta Med Spa to take the level of your wellness to another level are mentioned for your kind consideration at if you are looking forward to some motivation. We can also be reached for an appointment at these contacts..


Downtown Location: (212) 600-4112 or (347) 334-6718 ext 1

Central Park South 57th Street: (212) 247-4148 or (347) 334-6718 ext 2

Long Island Hewlett: (516) 792-0800 or (347) 334-6718 ext 3

Fax number: (646) 257-2924

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