1010 Wilshire Hosts “Using SBA Loans to Swiftly Increase the Value of Your Business” Featuring Michael Praver of JW Harding

1010 Wilshire Hosts “Using SBA Loans to Swiftly Increase the Value of Your Business” Featuring Michael Praver of JW Harding

LOS ANGELES, CA - 05/03/2016 — On May 17 at 7:30pm, 1010 Wilshire (www.1010wilshire.com), a 16-floor luxury live/work campus in downtown Los Angeles, will host “Using SBA Loans to Swiftly Increase the Value of Your Business”  as part of their ongoing commitment to help residents master the skills and acquire the information required to thrive financially.  This event will feature Michael Praver of JW Harding (www.jwharding.com), and it will be moderated by Nancy Fulton of No Better Friend Entertainment LLC. Those interested in attending should RSVP at  www.nobetterfriend.com/1010wilshire.

1010 Wilshire offers short and long term residents fully furnished apartments and executive suites, state of the art meeting rooms and event spaces, 24-hour reception desk, high speed internet and a huge assortment of other amenities.  It also offers them beautiful views, a rooftop pool, state-of-the art gym, frequent educational and networking events, and the company of other highly motivated business executives with which to live, learn, and work.

Using SBA Loans to Swiftly Increase the Value of Your Business

The fastest way for many startups and new business owners to jumpstart the value of their enterprises from an investment standpoint is often for them to purchase an existing business in their industry with an SBA Loan.  This is perhaps the quickest way to acquire assets, customers, and market position that make new products and services easy to launch.

While the SBA will not make loans to start a business, it will make loans for up to $5M that entrepreneurs can use to purchase established businesses in an industry.

This two hour session will cover:

  • SBA loan requirements for businesses being purchased

  • SBA loan requirements for borrowers

  • Legally using money from investors to make securing an SBA loan easier while providing them with a significantly more secure investment.

  • Why banks often say they do SBA loans when they don’t

  • How long securing an SBA Loan takes

  • Using SBA Loans to purchase additional assets and expand your business

Michael Praver, CEO of JW Harding, has ten years experience as a financial services consulting helping startups and established businesses finance growth.  He has helped entrepreneurs get SBA loans, finance equipment purchases, build business credit, and separate business and personal credit reporting. Since his company takes no upfront fees, he’s become a master of SBA guidelines and can accurately predict when a loan will be granted and when it will be denied.

Nancy Fulton, founder of No Better Friend Entertainment LLC will be moderating this event. You can learn more about her work on www.NoBetterFriend.com. You can see a list of upcoming online and face to face events she offers at www.NancyFultonMeetups.com


Nancy Fulton is a Writer/Producer currently creating innovative educational and networking events and resources to support entreprepreneurs in both media and high tech.  You can learn more about her on www.nobetterfriend.com.  Nancy is CEO of NO BETTER FRIEND ENTERTAINMENT LLC currently providing events to more than 11,000 entertainment industry and tech businesses in Los Angeles. 

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