Year of China’s Dunhuang launched to Lure Attention to World Culture Treasure

Year of China’s Dunhuang launched to Lure Attention to World Culture Treasure

Dunhuang - 04/05/2021 — Year of China’s Dunhuang launched to Lure Attention to World Culture Treasure

A series of cultural activities will be held virtually and onsite to attract international audience and visitors to Dunhuang, a culture treasure of the world and a major stop of the ancient silk road, in northwest China’s Gansu Province, as part of the “Culture Cities of East Asia 2021”, announced a provincial official. 

Wan Xueke, deputy director of the Gansu Provincial Culture and Tourism department, said at a press conference that the opening ceremony of “China Dunhuang Event Year” will run from April 8 to 10. 

Cultural delegations from Dunhuang and Shaoxing, two cities representing China, Kitakyushu, representing Japan; and Sunchon, representing the Republic of Korea, will jointly organize a series of cultural activities.

Wan briefed the history of the collaboration. The three nations have carried out annual selections since 2013, naming one city from each country as one of that year’s Culture Cities of East Asia to drive the cities’ cultural development and international presence via a variety of enriching exchange activities. Dunhuang, Shaoxing, Kitakyushu, and Sunchon were named their respective countries’ Culture Cities of East Asia in December 2020.

Zhu Jianjun, Mayor of Dunhuang, shared details about China Dunhuang Event Year’s focusing on Dunhuang being a “temple” of culture and humanity. The opening ceremony features 20 activities, including exhibitions, academic seminars, art, tourism, and activities representing culture, sports, education, trade, and economic development.

Culture Cities of East Asia 2021 and China Dunhuang Event Year will run for the entire 2021. Additional activities include the 2021 Chinese World Heritage Tourism Promotion Conference, Dunhuang Poetry Week, Dunhuang Fashion Week, Dunhuang Design Week, the Dunhuang National Cultural and Creative Exhibition, the Dunhuang Intangible Culture Heritage Exhibition, the Dunhuang Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, and the Silk Road Cultural Relics Tour, among others. Additionally, further collaboration with Dunhuang’s Sister Cities is also expected.

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