Xirkle Announces the Release of XIR – a New Crypto Coin Designed Specifically for Ecommerce

Xirkle Announces the Release of XIR – a New Crypto Coin Designed Specifically for Ecommerce

OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND - 03/14/2018 — The Xirkle (XIR) coin has been designed in such manner as to facilitate fast and smooth online transactions between customers and Xirkle Store.XIRcoin has been in beta since January 2018; however, it’s available for purchase or tradable on StellarTerm.com.

According to 2016-2017 ecommerce studies performed by BaymardInstitute, itconcluded that 69%of online customers abandon their shopping cart. The mostcommon reasons are shoppingcart complexity, extra high fees for deliveries, and tedious requirements to create anew account. To ensure a fast, cost-effective, and trustlessecommerce transaction at scale, Xirkle (XIR) crypto coin was developed as analternative payment option to the legacy credit card processing system.

Additionally, Xirkle aimsto redefine the legacycustomer loyalty rewardsprogram by leveraging the blockchain protocol of Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP).

Blockchain is deemed as an ideal solution for loyalty rewards programs, accordingto DeloitteCenter for Financial Services(DCFS). “In a trustless blockchain, there exits an opportunity for ecommercestores to come togetherunder one loyalty reward program for the best interest of all customers”, says O.Tom Chhuong, CEO ofXirkle.

Within Xirkle’s ecosystem,Xirkle (XIR) is a non-security digital coin, which wasbased upon SCP via thefederated Byzantine agreement and created exclusively for ecommerce and/or financial transactions on Xirkle Store (https://store.xirkle.com) and/or other entities.

By tokenizing the Xirkle Store with the XIR coin, Xirkle will have the capacity to allow online customers to earn fractional XIR coins on their purchases plus the traditionalpurchase points.

Xirkle identified certain methods for customeracquisition and retention, while also increasing customer loyalty anddramatically reducing churn rate. These methods can be observed in the official whitepaper: https://xir.xirkle.com/Xirkle-Official-White-Paper-V0.88.pdf

Xirkle (XIR) crypto coin can be a trustworthy option for people concerned about security and privacy.

Its built-in fast transaction and consensus network ensure all transactions are reliable and trusted.XIR coins leverage a blockchain technology, which issimilar to the anonymous methods used by Bitcoin; however, Xirkle’s implementation allows near instant transactions and is always secured.

Xirkle (XIR) upcoming integration with its ecommerce Xirkle Store is ideal for early adopters of blockchain technology, which hasbeen proven to be beneficialfor tech savvy users and newcomers.

To increaseXirkle’s brand awareness, Xirkle is running a crypto coin airdrop, which allows anyone with a Stellar account ID (aka: public key) to claim 10 XIR coins. Claim form: http://bit.ly/2GbLYpV

About Xirkle LLC

Xirkle is an up and coming search engine, which was founded in 2015. Xirkle and its crypto coin XIRaimto tokenize its shopping cart forcustomers, while leveraging Stellar’s blockchain technology.

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