Wozur Opportunity to Work from Home in this Pandemic Crisis

Wozur Opportunity to Work from Home in this Pandemic Crisis

british. virgin island - 07/04/2020 — Success is a story, one has to earn.

Hello Seekers,

People search for opportunities, We are offering you one. Even in the crisis-like situation, the one who keeps growing is the eligible one to feed with success.

You are being introduced to an amazing opportunity of money earning and making stable income for the rest of your life. Wozur International Limited- Your Crypto Bank, is the future of Cryptocurrency holding and investment. The company follows a traditional fixed deposit plan with a withdrawable interest system. One can withdrawal their interest in the investment twice a month which gives an upgrade to this relic business.

The company has designed the business plan within the consideration of expert finance and business planner who assure the profits sharing equal for both the clients and the company which is the reason the company offers 300%, 350% and 400%, respectable for every package.

Traditional Business Plan for Fixed Investment Days: 200 days

First Package: $20 to $8'999

Daily ROI: 1.5%

Second Package: $9'000 to $39'999

Daily ROI: 1.75%

Thrid Package: $40'000 and above.

Daily ROI: 2%

Wozur International also cares for the promoters of the company that makes the company offer passive income opportunity which is direct and binary, 10% for each. Also, on investing above $10'000 the company offers a one-time 3% extra income on choosing to become a certified Franchise Agent. Here, is an opportunity for every person to decide a path to choose which will lead to success or fear to hold back. Hold your Crypto not fear.

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Company Name: Wozur International Limited
Full Name: Matilda Stephens
Phone: +44 7452 264682
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.wozur.com