World's largest historical collection of 4.5 million photos and ephemera, and 640,000 vintage digitized images in high-def, TIF files for sale

World's largest historical collection of 4.5 million photos and ephemera, and 640,000 vintage digitized images in high-def, TIF files for sale

KANSAS CITY, MI - 05/01/2018 — Artifact Brokerage Firm LLC has announced the D. Jay Culver collection is now on the market, including more than 640,000 historical, digitized images and more than 4.5 million vintage photographs, plates, line drawings and ephemera. Last purchased in 2006 by its current owner, it is now being let go in view of said owner’s advancing age for $15 million. It’s estimated that only 25% of this massive collection has been discovered for its historical significance, and it has never been evaluated by individual pieces, making it a true treasure trove of art and history.

The collection was assessed in August by top fine art photography appraiser Lorraine Anne Davis (, who placed an intrinsic value on it of $99.2 million using the market sales comparison approach. She estimated the lowest and highest market value of random samples in each segment of the collection to determine an average to arrive at an intrinsic value. Each of the digitized images is professionally estimated to be worth $100 in labor costs, bringing the collection’s total value to $163.2 million. 

The collection’s historic archive of photographs spans nearly every era of world history and rivals the Getty collection. Preserved and organized, this collection is the nearest-to-complete photographic archive of Americana, encompassing America’s place in, role in, or time during, every world event from the mid-19th century to mid-late 20th century. This one-of-a-kind, significant and historic collection of vintage photographs has a breadth and depth unrealized in any other collection in the world.

The more than 640,000 digitized, high-resolution TIF images provide easily accessible images to institutions of higher education, museums, publishers of books, magazines and newspapers, to website and mobile app developers, to television, film and online media producers. online sellers of images.

Culver amassed his collection of photographs in the condition in which they were originally captured, preserving the authenticity with which every photograph was created. As for the digitized images, highly advanced photo editing software has not been applied to these photographic relics, maintaining their originality in digitized format.

The archive of digitized photographs are 300+ dpi, high-resolution TIF files of the front and back of each photograph, along with a corresponding thumbnail image for ease of visual cataloging. The backs of the photographs contain dates, times, locations, subject matters, titles, photographer signatures, stamps and other vital information that can be used to create meta-data. This data is paramount to understanding the collection’s priceless value and significance in history.

For a small sample of the collection, additional information, or to request a copy of the Professional Opinion of Value, visit, or contact 816-728-2103 or

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