Why The Simple Approach Wins Big In Business

Why The Simple Approach Wins Big In Business

NEW YORK, NY - 10/12/2018 — The truth is that many entrepreneurs think bigger is better when growing their businesses. But as EmpiHER® magazine’s team of experts show in their October 2018 issue- bigger isn't better when it comes to creating lives we love, true income and marketplace dominance.

With articles ranging from creating diversifying income streams to finding the “white space” in life, to real-world tips on simplifying your packing for that next business trip- the EmpiHER® experts have the reader covered.


“Overwhelm can happen to the best of us, but living in it and working from it doesn’t create the impact and influence we are looking to have.” says the International Society of Impression Managers.


In a day and age where 80+ hour work weeks and making less than $55,000 a year is the life of the average entrepreneur (Source: https://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/2017/01/30/entrepreneurship-statistics-infographic/) overwhelm, burn out, and a short lifespan are true ramifications for modern entrepreneurs. All because they believe that the idea of more will make the money they seek.


As Master Neuro Human Branding Expert as well as EmpiHER®’s Editor In Chief, Ali Craig (http://alicraig.com) says, “Simplifying is about refining what is the best version, voice, and vision for who we are and where we are going.”


EmpiHER® magazine shows their readers exactly how to build the business, make bank, and still have a life. It isn’t about doing more. It is about being the best.

October print and digital issues hit the newsstands on October 12th.

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