What Happens After a DUI?

What Happens After a DUI?

ANN ARBOR, MI - 05/10/2018 — You’ve been charged with the crime driving under the influence (DUI), what next?

Hire a Lawyer

This might sound self-serving but it’s important. There’s no reason to go into court by yourself to handle a criminal case. A DUI can impact your life in many ways – having a lawyer is the best chance for results.

Hire a DUI Lawyer

Not all lawyers, even criminal defense lawyer, are well-versed in DUI law. DUI law has become amazingly complex in the last ten years. As the law has become stricter, the law has also become complicated. A DUI conviction is intertwined with driver’s license issues.

Any lawyer can hold your hand to get you through a DUI charge. You deserve better than that.

When hiring a lawyer, ask the potential lawyer questions designed to see if the lawyer specializes or has a good deal of experience with DUI cases. How many motions have you filed in DUI cases in the last year? How many DUI cases have you taken to trial in the last year? What are the driver’s license sanctions for Operating While Intoxicated v. Operating While Intoxicated with a High Blood Alcohol Content? See what the lawyer’s answers to these questions are.

Let’s say you needed a heart operation. You wouldn’t hire a podiatrist, right? No, you would hire a cardiologist. Same for a DUI case. Don’t hire a lawyer who doesn’t work in this complicated area of law.

Seriously Consider All Options of Your Case

As I said earlier, a DUI can have long-lasting negative effects. In my home state of Michigan, a DUI will always be on your record, and can never be removed. A DUI can affect your ability to get employment in jobs that involve driving or commercial driving. Many professional licenses, such as in the health care field, are more difficult to obtain with a DUI on your record.

A guilty plea to a DUI ensures you will receive these consequences. Once you’ve plead guilty, the DUI conviction enters on your record, to likely never leave. Therefore, you should really think about all the different options when charged with a DUI. Isn’t worth your time and money to explore your options when faced with these consequences?

Are you able to go to trial on your case? When you go to trial, you have a chance to win. When you plead guilty, you give up this chance. It may sometimes seem like a long shot to win a DUI case, especially from a layman’s perspective. However, having the right lawyer can give you the opportunity to win.

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