Washington State Senate Candidate Declines Republican Endorsement

Washington State Senate Candidate Declines Republican Endorsement

REDMOND, WASHINGTON - 07/03/2018 — In a surprise move, Reform Republican and US Senate Candidate Matthew D. Heines has informed the King County Republican Party that he is not seeking their endorsement, and he might not accept it after winning the primary. 

In an email to Republican Party Headquarters, US Senate Candidate Matthew Heines stated:

“I am not looking for an endorsement. As I as said before, I am trying to incorporate as many people as I can into my platform and I am afraid a Republican endorsement this early would kill my campaign through the exclusion of Bernie Sanders supporters, union workers, college students and the poor.”

Senate Candidate Heines left open the possibility of an endorsement after the primary by further adding:

“Once I win the primary, you are welcome to endorse me or not endorse me as you see fit. I am going to win this election, with or without the Republican Party.”

When asked why he was not seeking, nor would he accept the Republican endorsement so early in the campaign, Heines, an author, a teacher of twenty years and a veteran of the US Army’s 82ndAirborne Division, explained that winning Washington State as a Republican is not going to be easy, thanks to the demographics of Seattle. 

According to Heines, the Democrats have imported as many potential voters as they could since the Obama presidency. If it weren’t for immigrants, the poorly educated and the people who enrich themselves off of the poor, the Democrats wouldn’t have a party in Washington State. 

US Senate Candidate Heines is betting that the millions of people who have flocked to Washington State recently, in a White Flight migration similar to that of the Okies leaving the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression, are angry, scared and they are going to vote for the person who is going to give them the best deal. Matthew Heines thinks his Real Deal is just what the doctor ordered for Washington State’s body politic.

“When I’m out campaigning, people of all races and backgrounds look at my Real Deal and they can’t believe I’m a Republican. When I tell them I’m a Reform Republican, they pause and say, ‘that’s okay.’ I have found nothing but anger and animosity towards Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray in Washington. People are tired of being embarrassed by those two charlatans. They have no leadership skills, no plan for the future and they’re led by the noses by corporations and their private donors who think they can buy this election like they tried to buy the 2016 election. I’ve got bad news for them. This is going to be a recall election and it is going to be a landslide in my favor.”

Matthew Heines is proposing a drastic reduction in government spending through cuts in specific programs, a humane and reasonable immigration policy that takes into account American national security and public safety first, free college tuition paid for by the sale of marijuana and a complete restructuring of our public school systems. His Real Deal can be seen on his website heines4senate.com.

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