Veterans, brothers and now business partners. Luminous Systems breaks the red light mold.

Veterans, brothers and now business partners. Luminous Systems breaks the red light mold.

BERTHOUD, COLORADO - 07/25/2018 — Brothers Tony and Greg Urbano have many things in common, one is their new business venture in the red light bed market with a company called Luminous Systems.

Breaking the current mold of companies selling retrofitted tanning beds they manufacture a "spa styled" device worthy of any Colorado Ski Lodge.

With state of the art LED technology and wood finishes their product looks more like a piece of fine furniture than the plastic cocoons than are currently on the market.

Their idea is so unique a local newspaper recently interviewed them and highlighted their sibling connection along with their military service. (Longmont Times Call - 5 questions with Tony and Greg Urbano of Luminous Systems)

Some people claim the entrepreneurial spirit is dead, they would argue that point and then some. Barking out the "Can Do" Army spirit.

They try to locally source as much of their product as they can, from reclaimed wood and metal, hoping some day to claim the 100% "Made in the USA" moniker, settling for now with the tagline "manufactured in Colorado".

They are also bringing their product to their customers in the form of a solar powered mobile showroom, yet another unique feature that differentiates them from their competition.

They make them by hand and in true Colorado spirit use solar power to assist them in the manufacturing process.

Their shop is in the tiny town of Berthoud which is nicknamed the "Garden Spot of Colorado". A dairy farm lies across the street and they are surrounded by more farms on all sides. I'm sure the seed they are planting today has a chance to grow as well. Two brothers thinking outside the box, or bed in this case.

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