Veritas Global Protection Helping Car Owners Choose Extended Warranty Plans

Veritas Global Protection Helping Car Owners Choose Extended Warranty Plans

United States, Arizona, Phoenix - 02/21/2021 — Veritas Global Protection understands that car repair costs can be surprisingly high, especially at a time such as this when the world and the nation is experiencing the worst financial crisis of a century. For this reason, Veritas Global Protection is committed to offering the most comprehensive and fairly competitive protection packages to help you navigate the ongoing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Purchasing an extended vehicle service is a decision that requires extreme care since you are trading your risks with your money. Therefore, you want to choose the right company that will allow you to enjoy excellent service at a fraction of the cost. 

Excellent Communication

 Since you are likely going to buy a protection plan that will last some years, it is critical to consider the efficiency with which your provider communicates. You do not want to sign up for a contract with a company that will give you trouble getting in touch in the event you need help. Remember that car issues pop up at the time you least expect, so you want to have someone who you can reach out to anytime all the time.  A good company will have various platforms through which you can contact them, including emails, social media platforms, and an active phone number.

Consider a Warranty Company that is BBB Rated

Nobody wishes to throw his money down the drain and having a company that is not reputed can be so dangerous since it is a recipe for losing your money.  While there are many reputed companies that may not be registered on Better Business Bureau (BBB), those companies that are on the platform have an added advantage they have been reviewed and rated for quality and integrity. 

Not every company that applies to be enrolled for BBB qualifies since they are assessed through a rigorous process that ensures only merited companies are registered. Those that continuously operate on BBB demonstrate high levels of integrity and comply with the industry best practices, hence the best to enroll with when planning to purchase an extended vehicle service. 

Check if the Price is Affordable

They say cheap is expensive, but when it comes to a vehicle service contract, cheap is that that---cheap. The price will largely depend on the age of your car, the extent of the coverage, and perhaps any added benefits such as free car rental or roadside assistance. But a less expensive contract may also be a telltale sign that it could be expensive in the long run. A cheaper contract is characterized by a higher deductible. Therefore, if you realize that the deductible on your plan is higher than what your repair cost would be, you could as well abandon the contract. 

Choose a Company that is keen on Maintaining Relationships

Not every customer has customer service at the core of its business. Therefore, only companies that have the commitment to deliver unparalleled customer service are worth your time and money. The question you need to ask yourself is, "How long do you plan to keep your car?"  Your answer to this question will provide you an opportunity to answer the next most important question, "are you looking for an extended warranty option?" If you are looking to use your car for just a few years, then an extended warranty option will definitely be out of the equation. Otherwise, an additional vehicle service contract would be worth your consideration.

Choose Veritas Global Protection for Your Auto Protection 

Since Veritas Global Protection has demonstrated its commitment to offering protection to both budget-constrained customers and those looking for premium services, you have every reason to consider its services. With many years of combined experience offering excellent customer service and unrivaled car protection and quick claim processing, Veritas Global Protection is the company to look out for.

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