Upstart business directory derails old-world web directories

Upstart business directory derails old-world web directories

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA - 09/03/2018 — Pigtail Pundits, one of India’s oldest digital marketing agencies, launches, an international business directory that breaks the accepted norm in web directories. 

In a major departure from tradition, e-bizda [] offers small businesses the full scope for persuasion and sell in its business listings on the web. This makes business listings the equivalent of a Landing Page for customers.

The e-bizda web directory listings are actively promoted in social media and the world-wide web, to get your listed businesses both traffic and leads.

Mumbai, 1 September 2018

Pigtail Pundits, one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies, revives and revamps, an 18-year old web directory. 

What makes e-bizda different from normal web directories is the richness of business listings for small business and the value it offers to listings.

To really understand the e-bizda International Directory offer, you need to examine it in the context of the value that most web directories offer.

Directory listings are one of the oldest ways to get backlinks on the web. As long as the directory is not spammy, and has a high domain rating, four things happen when you list in a directory. 

  1. Link juice, from the directories’ trust, standing, and reputation passes on to your website. Multiple links to the inner pages of your site help with boosting the Domain Rating of your website.
  2. Search in the web directory throws up multiple categories of the listing for your website
  3. Traffic from the directory flows on to your website 
  4. Some directories offer lead capture and charge a fee for it 

The problem with most web directories, however, is that it offers a maximum of 2-3 lines of text and a link to its paying customers. 

Two, most web directories permit you to link only to the Home Page. Because of this most directories are just nothing more than links that allow a click to your website with a skimpy description. The result is that Directory Listings are far removed from the stand alone sell pages of businesses.

This method employed by online directories used to work well for a while. In 2018, with the power of multimedia: images, video, icons, and newer ranking factors that work with links to internal pages, the bar has been raised for online directories. Most directories are falling short on providing value to the modern web customer because of the very technology that it uses. Now, contrast this with the offering.

E-bizda offers the potential for full persuasion, not just 3 lines. This simply means that you can sell your services on the directory itself. 

This includes all the text you can muster with as many as 25 deep links to your website. Plus, header and multiple images in the body, text formatting capabilities, links to video, the opportunity for testimonial inclusion, location maps, social media connect, and more. 

This alters the value you get for your business listing on e-bizda:

  1. You get link juice with deep links to your website from a high domain rated and actively promoted directory website
  2. You get to sell your products and services with your business listing. Think of your business listing as your Landing Page on a high domain rated website.
  3. You get leads from the directory at no extra charge. There is only one low charge for the listings and none for the leads [$9.95 pa]

According to Rajesh Khanna, Director at Pigtail Pundits, and the founder of e-bizda: “We want to raise the bar for web directories and the value it gives to customers. We are actively marketing online to raise its authority. We will actively market listed customers to get them ranking, visibility, and leads”. 

This is the first time on the web that rich, modern web features have been made available to small businesses listings for so small a fee. 

There are a few other directories that offer what e-bizda does, but for a much higher fee. So, in terms of price to value ratio, e-bizda stands unequalled in the web directories segment.

Annual subscriptions at, start as low $9.99 per annum and offers substantially richer, more modern features, including lead capture. These features are not available with most web directories.

Krishna Unni, Director and the Marketing Head for e-bizda, says:
“For far too long, SEO Agencies and clients have been at the mercy of high value directories with very skimpy offerings that give poor value to the customer. changes all this with its bold approach to web directories and business listing that spells true value for small businesses. You get bot SEO Juice and Business Leads for less, now”.



About e-bizda International Business Directory

e-bizda is a property of Pigtail Pundits, one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies.

e-bizda was relaunched as a modern, international business directory for small businesses in July 2018. Prior to it being taken over it was an 19 year old directory that was abandoned by its previous owners.

e-bizda has been resuscitated with rich features for giving value to businesses. It features rich text, images, videos, reviews and ratings, maps, lead form and more.

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