Two Women 1 Disease, Is Written From BothThe Patient And Caregiver Perspectives.

Two Women 1 Disease, Is Written From BothThe Patient And Caregiver Perspectives.

First Time Author Releases A New Book About Struggling With Breast Cancer

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - 05/22/2018 — "The most memorable moment," says Pauvlinch, “was that of her passing. She was there when I took my first breath and I was there when she took her last!”

St. Petersburg, FL Beth Pauvlinch (pronounced Pawv-Lynch), a creative artist based in St. Petersburg, FL, has released a new book about the three-year struggle with breast cancer that she and her mother endured when her mother was diagnosed.

The book begins as the cancer is discovered, the diagnosis confirmed, and the journey both women take from that time to the end. It is their journal, documented in real time, so the reader gets an up close and very personal look at the feelings and thoughts of two women struggling with one disease. 

Written in blog/diary format by both Beth and her mother Carol, the book takes you deep into the mind and mental state of a cancer patient (she never believed she was a "victim") and the daughter who took care of her in her final days.

It's a poignant journey that captures you from the first pages and makes you feel the joys, pains, struggles, fight and love in both courageous women. It is a raw, emotional, uplifting, humorous and loving tribute to Carol by a daughter who adored her.

The book is available for sale on their website in hardcover, soft cover and as an eBook. You can also find it on Amazon.

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