Tog Chöd Tibetan Wisdom Sword Classes - The Hamptons Premiere

Tog Chöd Tibetan Wisdom Sword Classes - The Hamptons Premiere

NEW YORK - 07/03/2018 — Tog Chöd, rooted in Asian martial arts, is a Tibetan style sword regimen. This powerful practice taps into and harnesses students’ inner power. Deriving from the principles of Buddhism and Tibetan medicine, Tog Chöd is not solely a physical practice. The discipline fosters avoiding distraction by focusing the mind in the present moment.

Certified Educator Joelle Kelly, one of only two in the U.S., will introduce this unique and vibrant practice for the first time in the Hamptons during July and August. 

Kelly elaborates, “Though an energizing and fun practice, at its core, Tog Chöd is about discipline as well as physical and mental training. We teach new methods to confidently manage stress response as well as honing the student’s ability to make quick, clear decisions. And ... it’s something totally cool to talk about at the water cooler!”

Originating as an adjunct to the worldwide Lu Jong Tibetan yoga practice, Tog Chöd is the brainchild of Tulku Lobsang. A Buddhist lama as well as doctor of Tibetan medicine, he developed this unique practice inspired by ancient Tibetan movements and meditation. Using a combination of postures, movements, and visualizations, Tog Chöd cuts through brain fog. As one of Tulku Lobsang’s  most highly regarded students, Kelly was chosen to be one of only two American instructors of Tibetan Wisdom Sword.

Joelle explains, “Lu Jong is an ancient Tibetan practice from Tantrayana and Bön traditions comprised of a series of movements in conjunction with rhythmic breathing. This knowledge has been transmitted directly from master to student primarily by means of oral teachings. Deeply rooted in Tibetan Medicine with origins dating as far back as 8,000 years, the sequences were developed for the purpose of self-healing and have profound effects on the health of our body, mind, and spirit.”

Kelly’s Lu Jong New York has been bringing this practice to the U.S. for years and is now introducing Tibetan Wisdom Sword for the first time in the Hamptons. Located in Amagansett, Kelly hosts most of her Lu Jong classes in Manhattan and the Hamptons as well as international retreats in Southern Italy.

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