The Ugly Truth about Racism Depicted by Philadelphia Actor Tommy Brown in New Short film “Leave Black People Alone, Lois!”

The Ugly Truth about Racism Depicted by Philadelphia Actor Tommy Brown in New Short film “Leave Black People Alone, Lois!”

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - 09/14/2020 — A satire short film that delves into the topic of racism, depicting the idea of stereotyping and its effects on the general black population in the US and worldwide

Philadelphia  Actor Tommy Brown

September, 2020 – Starring Tommy Brown in the lead role, “Leave Black People Alone, Lois” tackles the concept of racism and its effects as experienced by the black population. The powerful script is written by Jessica Jackson , directed by James Jackson, and produced by Jeroline Jackson. It revolves around a scenario –a seemingly common but racist scenario that is experienced by hundreds of black people, perhaps on a daily basis. 

In less than five minutes, this short film explores two perspectives, the perspective of the individual committing a racist act and the perspective of a black individual who is well-aware of the consequences of such acts of racism. 

Talking on the issue, Tommy Brown, states, “I myself experienced bigotry and racism. I took those feelings and put it into my acting endeavors to help push the agenda for Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, not everyone finds an outlet for the feelings that arise from blatant experiences with racism. It is the need of the hour that we come together and uproot the idea that no one skin color is better than the other.”

The powerful short film does more than show the discrimination against black people. Instead, it offers a sneak peek into the minds of individuals who justify their acts of racism. This is a new take on the idea of portraying racism and certainly needs to be depicted more frequently in Hollywood! 

Coming back to the star of the film, Tommy started out as a rap artist and landed his own television show at a young age. He stepped into the entertainment industry as a host and interviewed many big names. His time in the industry as a host trained him to be an actor. Currently, he is into two major TV series and four movies. He is also working on three new scripts with exciting prospects. Tommy is also in the process of writing his first film.

Talking about his experience on the sets of Leave Black People Alone, Lois, he stated, “I am extremely honored to do this film and represent African Americans who have faced racism and police brutality. It gave me a chance to show the world my acting skills and what I can do on camera to represent the African-American race. I want to reach the world globally and share my voice and vision. It’s time we embrace a change.”     

Leave Black People Alone, Lois! is an extremely impactful, thought-provoking work of art that will leave many people thinking about their actions and racial beliefs. The bold idea and the strong storyline forces the viewers to think about how racism affects the black population, not only as a community but also on an individual level.

Perhaps, the most distinctive feature of this short film is that it takes a topic as dark and serious as racism and gives it a humorous spin. Despite a humorous twist and the upbeat music, this short film makes you contemplate and leaves its mark on the viewers. 

Hollywood Actor, O’shae Jackson Jr, praised the idea and sent an open message to Tommy saying,

“In times like these, any story by us, as black actors, that speak on the serious matter of police brutality and the racism will help to push for change that we so desperately need. Thank You!” 


The film is currently available on YouTube.

We look forward to seeing more work by Tommy Brown and the incredible team that made Leave Black People Alone, Lois! possible.

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