The Houston Company Disrupting FinTech

The Houston Company Disrupting FinTech

HOUSTON, TEXAS - 05/30/2018 — The Houston Company, announced the launch of their new API stack for making FinTech more approachable by developers. The company prides itself on crafting a unique API stack that makes financial transactions more approachable in SAAS.

“We are thrilled to release our new product aimed at making it easier for developers to accept payments via SAAS platforms”, says Founder of The Houston Company, Naresh Potluri. “Our teams passion and dedication to making a quality software stack is superior to none. It’s an honor to be able to design and develop alongside our team.”

Romeo Kison Jr., co-founder of The Houston Company had this to say, “We are delighted with our team here at The Houston Company for all their innovation in designing a system that makes it easy for developers to integrate third-party payment platforms into SAAS and look forward to introducing our new product in the market place. 

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