“The Blawg Boys” Breeds New Blood in Podcasts with Hilarious Show

“The Blawg Boys” Breeds New Blood in Podcasts with Hilarious Show

Hosts Smith and Keith Andre Bring a Bite of Reality to Podcast World with Addictive Audio Series

LOS ANGELES, CA - 03/12/2018 — It’s a dose of reality with no chaser thanks to Smith and Keith Andre, also known as “The Blawg Boys”.  Together, they host “The Blawg” – an hour-long podcast that offers listeners a seat at the table in the world of current trends, friends and the weekly trouble the duo get into.  Wit, charm and pop culture sound bites provide the soundtrack to a genuine conversation that is quickly capturing the podcast world.

Podcasts are now becoming more popular than ever.  According to Adage.com, podcasting awareness increased to 60% in 2017 thanks to millennial audiophiles.  No longer are the days of listening to limited AM/FM radio stations.  The digital era has birthed listeners who are looking for content that resonates with their daily lives.  Digital applications like Instagram and Snapchat allowed for Smith and Keith’s lives to intersect.

“We met on social media,” recalls Keith.  “I had been following Smith for years and two years ago, I was trying to troll his Snaps.  I was always asking him these off the wall questions and somehow it just turned into this exciting friendship.”

Perhaps their friendship is what makes “The Blawg Boys” so refreshing and unique to the podcasting space.  Smith is an emerging R&B/Soul singer hailing from the DMV while Keith is an actor/writer from Newport News, VA with current credits like Blavity and the popular Afterbuzz TV.  Episodes like “Keith Breaks All The Rules”, where Keith joins Smith at his company holiday party or “Can We Pull The Cameras?”, where the duo discusses social media trolling, offer a taste of what the Blawg Boys are serving.  The bittersweet truths that we – or someone we know – encounter on a weekly basis are what keep listeners tuning in faithfully each Wednesday (9am/PST).

“The thing that makes The Blawg so interesting is the fact that our friendship naturally fits into this dynamic duo,” says Smith.  “From Keith’s experience in writing cultural critique and performance and my background and knowledge in music production and engineering, we are able to join forces and create content that’s hilarious and informative.  Our wit and humor definitely contribute to the success of The Blawg.”

One particular area that The Blawg excels in is editing.  The podcast stands alone with its groomed and tailored production.  Sound bites, effects, and R&B soundtracks accompany their weekly dialogue, making listeners feel like they too are in on the conversation.  The Blawg is one of the few podcasts that audiences can hear nostalgic 90’s R&B and memorable quotes from Nene Leakes at the same time.  Oddly enough, it works in keeping the talk light and the hour-long series feeling like a matter of minutes.  It’s a podcast worthy of repeating for a second or third listen.  

“In the next 6-12 months I would like to see The Blawg in the ears of many listeners,” states Keith.  “We want the legacy of The Blawg to be one that connects our voices to the human experience we all relate to.  We would like to show how multifaceted creatives can be and provide content that is fresh, innovative, and lasting.”

One listen is all it takes for “The Blawg Boys” to make a lasting impression.  Currently, The Blawg can be listened to anytime on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/theblawg) and iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-blawg/id1311272488?mt=2), with plans of expanding to all digital/streaming platforms.  Every Wednesday, listeners can anticipate a new episode from “The Blawg Boys”.

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