Tallan’s T-Connect Software and Team is now a Division of Tallan - Caliber Health

Tallan’s T-Connect Software and Team is now a Division of Tallan - Caliber Health

GLASTONBURY, CT - 01/23/2019 — Tallan, Inc. a national leader in software development and business consulting announced today that its T-Connect Software and Team will be spun off into a new division of Tallan, called Caliber Health.

Caliber Health, located in Tampa, FL, will continue to develop the T-Connect software suite that simplifies EDI processes for healthcare companies.Electronic Data Interchange, EDI, standards enable health plans, providers and vendors to electronically share administrative data quickly, cost effectively, and accurately. Caliber Health’s T-Connect uses the EDI standard for healthcare claims, enrollments, authorizations, benefits eligibility, and acknowledgements.“The Caliber Health spinoff will allow the team to focus on the product and their industry-leading solutions,” said Craig Branning, CEO of Tallan.

Tallan also announced that it has named Stan Kennedy as Chief Executive Officer of Caliber Health effective January, 22 2019. “Innovation and digitizing are buzz words commonly over used to describe a company’s vision and approach” said Stan Kennedy. ”Innovation is certainly at the core of Caliber Health’s DNA, but we think of it as a path to market disruption.In other words, Innovation should truly change the way healthcare companies think about EDI. My goal is simple, capitalize on the opportunities ahead and aligning the product offerings through strategy and execution.” 

Stan Kennedy quickly advanced at Tallan after joining the company in 2007.His latest position at Tallan was Vice President, Integration Practice, building a multi-million dollar business primarily in the healthcare industry.

Caliber Health’s T-Connect products include solutions for healthcare claims, enrollments, real-time eligibility requests, authorizations, and remittances.To learn more, visit https://www.caliberhealth.com.

For more information on Tallan call (860) 368-3148 or visit https://www.tallan.com.

For over 30 years, Tallan has been a leader in custom application development, software products, and data management. Tallan provides clients with meaningful innovations that increase operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue.  Within Tallan, our healthcare practice delivers these solutions with our T-Connect EDI Management Suite. T-Connect is a HIPAA-focused EDI gateway designed to reduce administration complexity, maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, and provide end-to-end visibility into the lifecycle of your data.

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