Tallan's Caliber Health Division Launches X12 Hero, an Online EDI App Marketplace.

Tallan's Caliber Health Division Launches X12 Hero, an Online EDI App Marketplace.

United States, Connecticut, Glastonbury Center - 08/19/2019 — Glastonbury, CT (August 16, 2019) -Tallan, Inc., a national leader in software development and business consulting, announced today that its Caliber Health division has developed a new marketplace for online EDI apps called X12 Hero.


Caliber Health, located in Tampa, FL, will continue to develop the T-Connect EDI Software that simplifies EDI processes for healthcare companies. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards enable health plans and third-party benefits administrators to quickly process electronic data both cost-effectively, and accurately. Caliber Health's T-Connect product line is swiftly becoming the standard for handling high volumes of enrollments, authorizations, benefits eligibility inquiries, and acknowledgments. 


"We're excited to launch a marketplace that will truly change the way all companies (especially those in the healthcare industry) think about EDI. My goal is simple; provide quick access to high-quality solutions to solve the business challenges of EDI," says Stan Kennedy, CEO of Caliber Health.


X12 Hero will provide access to an ever-growing variety of apps for improving EDI and medical claims billing processes. These apps will be available for online use through a monthly subscription, based on transaction volume tiers. The initial release of online EDI apps will include: the Claim Form Editor, EDI Validator, EDI Splitter, and CMS 1500 Form to EDI 837 Converter by Caliber Health. The team's initial market feedback indicates that Healthcare Providers and EDI Consultants will embrace the X12 Hero app marketplace.


It's Caliber Health's vision to grant small and large organizations immediate access to the world's most powerful EDI capabilities. From small providers looking to submit claims accurately, to large health plans and third-party administrators looking to improve their legacy system's performance, X12 Hero has an app for that. 


"The Caliber Health team has been deeply focused on developing innovative products and partnerships that make EDI accessible and efficient for all. X12 Hero is a continued representation of this standard."

Stan Kennedy, CEO of Caliber Health.


The Caliber Health division continues its mission to make EDI sustainably easy for people and computers. Their online hosted applications grant subscribers instant access to capabilities for optimizing healthcare claims, enrollments, and more. By offering a monthly subscription-based on volume tiers, X12 Hero makes enterprise-grade solutions accessible at any budget. Discover more, visit https://www.x12hero.com.


For more information on Caliber Health call (813) 540-0446 or visit https://www.caliberhealth.com/ 

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