Spice Launches New eCommerce Merchant-On-Demand Video Service

Spice Launches New eCommerce Merchant-On-Demand Video Service

ST. GEORGE UT - 01/08/2019 — Spice is a new mobile solution for live video conference calls between any business and its eCommerce customers. Video conferencing is a powerful tool commonly leveraged by corporations, in personal life, and even in broadcast news, but not in eCommerce -- until now. With Spice, merchant advertisements and products become direct portals for customer video communication. 

Spice is easy to use, without the need for complicated setup, meeting invitations or calendaring. Spice Merchants advertise their presence by creating Instagram-like posts. When a customer views a post, a single click immediately connects the merchant in a one-to-one video chat.

The Spice mobile app offers two ways to create a Merchant-on-Demand presence:

  • Spice Live Ads are posts that can be used both to promote services and to engage customers in live video calls. For example, an auto repair shop could create a Spice post to advertise a vehicle health check special. That same Live Ad can then be used to connect with a customer to show, by using real-time video, exactly what vehicle repairs may be needed.
  • Spice Products extend Live ads to enable direct in-app purchasing of merchant goods and services. Each Product listing includes a retail price and method of delivery, as well as optional charges for tax and shipping. Customers may purchase merchant items from the Spice shopping cart using any major credit card. The Spice cart is fully integrated with Stripe for payment processing. 

During a Spice video call, the merchant can share any product in the store with the calling customer. This cart sharing empowers the Spice Merchant to guide the shopping experience by directly adding products to the customer cart.

Along with a full-screen hero image, each Spice Live Ad or Product may contain a 15-second video clip. Spice Merchants may also list a GPS business location for easy reference on the Spice app map.

Spice Merchant plans are available for as low as $2.99 per month. All plans include a 30-day free trial. For merchants listing Spice Products, cart fees are extremely competitive with existing mobile shopping solutions. Fees range from 7% to as low as 4% of the product retail price.

Spice is available now from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Simply search for "spice shop by video call” or follow the links at the Spice web site http://spice.shopping. Spice is currently supported for native currency use in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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