Snapforce Announces the Launch of its New Chat Feature

Snapforce Announces the Launch of its New Chat Feature

MAHWAH, NJ - 07/09/2018 — Snapforce, the SAAS(Software as a Service) Customer Relationship Management solution announced the launch of its new chat feature today. This feature, which has been largely requested, is expected to greatly improve internal company communication.

The new chatroom feature is easy to use, reliable. Having the ability to instant message colleagues can improve team performance by providing real time ability to coach, train, or assist others within the company.

Inside Snapforce Chat

Quicker and easier than commincating via e-mail, the chat feature enables users to send messages and receive immediate responses from other users. 

Create Multiple Chatrooms:Create separate group chats with users and easily toggle between them. Chat name labels can be edited to avoid any mishaps.

Manage Chatroom Members: Add or remove users from chatrooms and exit current chatrooms with the click of a button.

User Availability: See which users are online or offline at any given time by viewing the member list for each chatroom.

About Snapforce

Founded in 2013 by CEO Richard Gabriel, Snapforce is a SaaS(System as a Service) application primary used for customer management and sales automation. Recognized by Market Report as one of the top players in the CRM business, Snapforce builds quality software to solve business problems and delivers a suite of online enterprise applications that together, can be used as a back office operating system. Some of its features include customer interaction tracking, reporting, telephony configuration, and workflow automation.

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