Smart Drinking made healthier drinking easier for holidays

Smart Drinking made healthier drinking easier for holidays

United Kingdom, London - 12/25/2019 — Smart Drinking, the technology pioneer of promoting responsible and healthier drinking, has released the Smart Drinking app to help you regulate your alcohol intake ensuring adequate sobriety and a healthier lifestyle. The app has been released when holiday season is just around the corner - a time when we're most prone to go overboard and find ourselves wasted or hungover.


The company had introduced three formulations for pre, after and post morning intake. They work in tandem to achieve more effective results as the entire kit has been designed to promote healthier and more responsible drinking. Usually, there is always a concern about ingredients used in a supplement and that's why the company has used only all natural ingredients to ensure safety and health concerns. The ingredients used in the supplement are the only ones featuring natural bio enhancers which are known for their superior absorption ability which seems to be a challenge for most supplements.


Now, Smart Drinking has introduced a companion app which is basically a free reminder that will remind you about taking the pill in the night, consume water in between your drinks, picking healthier cocktails and avoiding a mixture of a variety of different alcohols. You can customize the app to get the notifications you want, for instance you can set the reminder about too much smoking or not consuming too many drinks when going on a Tinder date.


The combination of Smart Drinking pills and a companion app will help people regulate their alcohol consumption, especially those who are struggling with a bit of addiction, during the holiday season when alcohol, generally, is easily and economically accessible. This app is also a reminder that regardless of the season, we should moderate our alcohol intake to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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