Small Businesses Drive the Economy: One Regenerative Medicine Practice Expands its Knowledge with the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative Program

Small Businesses Drive the Economy: One Regenerative Medicine Practice Expands its Knowledge with the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative Program

United States, Texas, Mesquite - 01/14/2020 — Through completing the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative Program, Amber Lehmann of Mesquite Chiropractic & Injury has achieved a significant milestone in her career, and set the clinic on the path to helping as many patients as possible. 

This intensive seven-month program offers customized training for executives in small businesses of underserved locales. The program has the goal of bringing about the next level of expansion in these businesses, creating new jobs and helping to enrich these communities through stimulating local economies. 

Upon completion of the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative Program, participants leave with a three-year action plan for strategic expansion, complete with specific targets and timelines to gauge progress and stay on the growth trajectory. They also have the opportunity to create relationships with peers, potential lenders, and leaders of their area, as well as the ability to tap into government resources that are there to help. 

There are no limitations on what types of businesses are eligible for this program; it is available to those small businesses that are considered high-potential in underserved cities. Since its launch in 2008, the program has helped more than 5,000 small businesses in 60 different communities throughout the nation, which has resulted in more than 6,500 jobs and more than $300 million in financing generated as a result. 

Amber Lehmann is the Office Manager and Strategic Planner of Mesquite Chiropractic & Injury, a family-owned and operated chiropractic and regenerative medicine clinic focused on assisting patients to live healthy, pain-free lives without surgery or drugs. 

The owner, Dr. Timothy Lehmann, D.C., has been helping patients throughout the Dallas area to overcome chronic pain for more than twenty years. In her integral position at the practice, Amber oversees many administrative areas including finance, she plays a major role in patient healing,  keeps the practice running smoothly and ensures patients are receiving the top level of care they deserve. 

A pillar of cutting-edge chiropractic care and regenerative medicine in their area, Mesquite Chiropractic & Injury was honored to be included in the executive-level training series. Amber underwent nearly 100 hours of classroom time over the 30-week program. She completed the training with a clear vision of how to execute her and her husband’s purpose of helping patients in the Dallas area live the lives they want without pain, and is operating at full-speed to achieve these goals. 

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