Score Marketing is one of the Top 20 Best Companies to Work for in Cleveland, OH

Score Marketing is one of the Top 20 Best Companies to Work for in Cleveland, OH

CLEVELAND, OH - 09/11/2018 — Score Marketing was recently named as one of the “20 Best Companies To Work For In Cleveland, OH”. Score ranked 2nd in Cleveland, behind NASA, at The company philosophy is one size does not fit all with our employees or clients, and they strive to provide a service that bridges the gap between products and people. Couple this with our company motto; “treat others the way you want to be treated”, and they have built a reputation for excellence and proven results that few can match. Score Marketing is consistently providing growth opportunities from within for team members that join their company based on achievement, not seniority.

Score Marketing is one of the leading marketing firms in Cleveland, OH work with Fortune 100 clients in the industries of home entertainment, mobility, energy and consumer electronics. CEO, Matt Widing, an accomplished hockey player and Cleveland sports fan, has hands-on mentality when it comes to how Score Marketing is run. From the ice to the office, Widing excels in coaching, leadership training, and employee development within his company. “We are focused every day on employee growth and satisfaction. We strive to create an environment where top talent can excel in their career. It is an incredible honor to be ranked among these exceptional companies, and it is a testament that our efforts are paying off,” said Widing. He believes that promoting from within cultivates and instills the traits that he values in his employees: hard work, determination, integrity and transparency. Score Marketing has a competitive environment of fostering teamwork, training, mentor-ship, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit with each of its team members. 

Widing has found that allowing promotion from within the company for the top people has not only increased company production and improved mentality, but also overall morale and respect with the entire team. “Our structure reminds me of sports, to have a fair opportunity you have to be taught the rules to play, and be supported by your teammates and coaches to develop your skills with hard work and discipline.” Due to the continuously growing client base, Score Marketing has a need for more upper level managers. With leadership and management development conferences throughout the year, Score Marketing understands the importance of investing in their team. “In these changing times, it’s clear that this year’s top companies are exploring ways to meet the needs of not only their businesses, but also their employees.” Widing believes in a firm philosophy of growth from within and investing in his team for success.

The training and mentor-ship that Score Marketing has developed introduces employees into different levels of leadership responsibility, human resources training, coaching, team building and client acquisitions. “The management training position gives our team professional and personal skills that they can directly correlate not only in our business but also daily life. We give our top team members a chance to develop at their own rate into a management position; the investment into our people is the key. Our clients need us to grow at a rapid rate to meet their demands. We need well-trained managers to help us with our expansion goals,” states Widing. When asked what qualities Score Marketing looks for in a potential manager, Widing didn’t hesitate to mention that the most important are a positive attitude, good work ethic, self-motivated and a student mentality.

It’s no surprise that Score Marketing is able to exceed their client’s expectations and to develop managers from within. With a management-training position geared to develop entry-level representatives into a manager in months, their success is evident.

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