Roberto d'Aubuisson beats Henry Flores by 10 points

Roberto d'Aubuisson beats Henry Flores by 10 points

Santa Tecla - 02/18/2021 — A recent telephone survey, by Santa Tecla Información, reveals that Roberto d'Aubuisson would win the elections. And, he leads his primary opponent, Henry Flores, by ten points, in voting intention.

Although the Nuevas Ideas politician began the electoral period winning, the solidity and proposals of d’Aubuisson have slowed him down.

Also, regardless of the vote; the tecleños are clear that Roberto d’Aubuisson will win the elections.

Likewise, the telephone survey shows that Tecleños prefer experience over novelty; to elect the next Mayor of Santa Tecla.

Voters prefer that Santa Tecla continue, under the responsibility of the tecleño.

The actions in security, parking and mobility are what the tecleños like the most. And, what promotes their votes towards Roberto d’Aubuisson.

The polls have a winner: Roberto d'Aubuisson

The polls have a favorite: Roberto d'Aubuisson wins.

At street level, the Tecleños express that their vote is directed to the Mayor, of the last two legislatures. In a video, made by Santa Tecla Información, they value their work in security and employment.

"I feel that he has been very concerned about the population and has made some good changes for Santa Tecla". 

What voters agree the most is the safety of the municipality. Escudo Tecla and the Video Surveillance system have given peace of mind to Santa Tecla.

Furthermore, Roberto d'Aubuisson's online reputation and sentiment are more favorable than that of his opponents.

This medium made a comparison with Henry Flores. The conclusions were as follows:

  • In December, the winner was Henry Flores.
  • In January, Roberto d’Aubuisson modifies sentiment and trend; and leads Flores in positive data.
  • The positive sentiment points to Roberto d’Aubuisson.
  • On Twitter, d’Aubuisson’s figures are better than those of the Nuevas Ideas politician.

The major political studies show that visibility, online, is vital to winning in elections. Success online and the use of social networks are proportional.

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