Revival of the Standard of Living in St. Paul Led by Bigos Management

Revival of the Standard of Living in St. Paul Led by Bigos Management

ST. PAUL, MN - 03/20/2018 — A number of changes in the St. Paul downtown area in the past few years are aiming to make the downtown area more appealing to renters.  The recently opened Treasure Island Center, boasting the new Minnesota Wild practice facility, street level retail and restaurant spaces, and a sport medicine clinic, is just one example of the continued investment into downtown.  Newer transportation options like the light rail and an increased focus on walk-and-bikeability, added to big attractions like CHS Field are just a few reasons more people are flocking to the city. This is all in addition to a national trend toward urban living. 

One of the top rental housing organizations in St. Paul, Bigos Management, is capitalizing on the growth and energy in the downtown area by continuing to refine their offerings with updated buildings, facilities and services.  The company recently launched a new website,, to help both new and existing residents find the St. Paul rental property that best suits their needs.

“St. Paul living is definitely trending right now, and it’s a really exciting time to be living in the city,” said David Keinert, Director of Marketing for Bigos Management, “We’ve been part of the St. Paul community since 1995, and we are deeply committed to the city’s continued growth.” 

Rental housing owners like Bigos Management are taking extra steps to allow their residents to explore all that St. Paul has to offer, staffing concierge teams in their communities to help residents get a pulse on exciting local happenings. 

The new website also provides local resources and guides that allow anyone to explore the bustling community of St. Paul, as well as helpful articles centered around the rental lifestyle.

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Since 1984, Bigos Management has continued to focus on creating communities with generous amenities that provide a more elevated residential experience. With vision and insight into what people want from the places they live, our communities stand out from the rest. We continually invest in our communities to preserve their highest standard of excellence, all while providing exceptional service to those who live at, work in, and visit our communities.

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