Rebecca Zamolo is in the END GAME in Real Life!

Rebecca Zamolo is in the END GAME in Real Life!

United States, California, Beverly Hills - 04/03/2021 — LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 3rd, 2021 - Today is the End Game.  Rebecca Zamolo and her squad of influencers have been battling evil dating back 3 years now.  However today is the final end game when every single villain army comes together united to defeat Rebecca. Even Rebecca’s most trusted best friend Daniel has betrayed her in this 38 minute movie like ending. Rebecca is never home alone but at times is battling on her own in her own way.   Can Rebecca escape top this and create a final end game today or wills he be trapped for over 24 hours?  Make sure to watch to see how this unfolds -

For the engaged young and curious YouTube viewer, Rebecca’s interactive storytelling becomes infective – compelling her young fans to help Rebecca and her team of spy hacker sleuths to solve the mysteries and puzzles in her videos. She involves the audience by integrating clues into video comments, her website and throughout the videos themselves. It is for these reasons, she has earned the title of “Gamemaster”. 

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