DENVER - 10/10/2018 — R2G World (Rent2Grow) an Empowered DIY company, is the world’s first indoor urban grow facilities (full & micro) that allow individuals to grow, harvest and store anything an urban farmer can legally produce, harvest and store, in an environment designed specifically for safety, compliance and engaging productivity.

R2G has secured Letters of Intent from real estate owners and investors for 12 cities in the US and Canada for 2019.The cities include: Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and more.

“We expect mass adoption for 2019 and the interest is beginning to gain traction, at a rapid pace” says Dean McCall, R2G World Canada. “We could have Letters of Intent for 5 cities in the next 3 months” Continues McCall.

R2G is currently working on Colorado Springs and Toronto facilities for spring 2019 launches.These facilities will serve as the headquarters, in their respective countries.

Additionally, R2G is now working with multiple Real Estate Investment Trusts to establish a best practices model for addressing home-growing in shared wall environments.The R2G modular Pods can be brought directly into the households, or a designated on-site location.The R2G Doors model is perfect for apartments and condos, as it takes the dangers and odors out of the units and places them in a Mini R2G space, that is on-site.


R2G Forward Looking: 

“Canadian legislators are now acutely aware of the challenges (and dangers) associated with growing in a household environment.“It is incumbent on the private sector to present well-conceived solutions to these stakeholders, empowering the provincial authorities to choose options that provide citizens with the opportunity to exercise their rights, while ensuring compliance is preserved and all without introducing a new suite of problems or challenges along the way” states Richard Lamb, Executive Chair, R2G World.

“Public health and safety is always the number one concern for an emerging market.We simply backed up and asked ourselves how we could address everyone’s needs, at the same time, while providing an informed, intelligent solution that offers the balance required for stakeholders on both sides of the fence.”
states Richard Lamb.

The R2G2 Pods have been designed to be effective for every stage of the agricultural process—all within one efficient, integrated and highly secure solution, with built-in compliance. The R2G2 Pods empower urban cultivators to grow, harvest and store their produce in an environment with the optimal lighting (Blackdog LED) temperature, humidity, airflow, watering and fertigation systems. The conditions for each stage of crop development can be controlled on-site or remotely from anywhere in the world using our secured app, developed by Braingrid, out of Toronto.

Security and safety are preserved with real-time mobile alerts for any level of Pod access, from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the combination of the Pod design and lighting systems, virtually eliminate the fire risks and odors associated with DIY growing.


About R2G World

R2G World is an innovative answer to the challenges facing the budding home-growing agriculture sector. Backed by significant research and development, coupled with an innovative business model, R2G World is helping individuals exercise more control over the grow process from start to finish. 

For more information or to schedule an interview with a R2G World representative, please contact Dean McCall at dean@rent2grow.com or 855 202 0101

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