Predictive Latest Health/Medical Technology Hip-Hope Real Time Fall Prevention

Predictive Latest Health/Medical Technology Hip-Hope Real Time Fall Prevention

Hip-Hope - Real Time Fall Prevention and Protection System

Predictive Health Devices Inc.

STAFFORD, VA - 03/07/2018 — Hip-Hope Technology is a start-up company developing a sophisticated active wearable device aimed at real time protection of seniors from deadly fall related hip fractures.Hip-Hope Technologies (HHT) was founded in 2011, driven by a high motivation for providing a viable solution to the deadly epidemic of hip fractures among senior people. Click Here for more information or watch this Video.

  • The lifetime risk of a hip fracture is 17.5% for women.In contrast, the lifetime risk of breast cancer for women is 12.3%.
  • A little over 3% of breast cancer patients die, while 33% of hip fractures in the elderly leads to death.Older individuals with hip fractures are more than 3.5 times likely to die within12 months as compared to their non-injured counterparts.
  • Nearly 10% of hip fractures in the U.S. occur among nursing home residents and sadly, one-third of them will die within six months. 

Hip-Hope introduced the active solution. The world’s first effective, active hip protection system.It is lightweight, comfortable and user-friendly.Hip-Hope incorporates a groundbreaking fall detection system comprising a unique set of sensors.Once an inevitable collision with ground surface is detected, the system instantly deploys two large-size airbags that radically alleviate fall impact.The device provides additional added value functionalities, such as automatic fall alert notifications to care givers, ongoing device status and wearer activity motoring, and a built-in emergency alert button.

Hip-Hope is a real time fall protection system. This system integrates advanced technologies in the fields of electronics, software, algorithmic, pneumatics, air bag technology and wearable device design (fanny pack/belt).This design is aimed at ensuring maximum functionality, reliability, comfort, and ease of use that results in a high level of acceptance by senior users.The system continuously logs the users motion activity for review, allowing for a pattern evaluation and intervention option to maximize quality care.This real time system reports falls to the care team with GPS location. 

Mobility is the key to a long and healthy life.
The world is ready for something new to alleviate the problem of hip fractures.

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