Ponddy Education Inc. Secures $6 Million in Series A Funding

Ponddy Education Inc. Secures $6 Million in Series A Funding

Investors impressed with Ponddy’s AI Technology to Learn Chinese

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - 03/06/2018 — Ponddy Education Inc., a thought-leader in personalized language learning, today announced it has secured $6 million in its Series A funding round, led by the Chenco Holding Company LLC.Additional investors are Osnaburge Ventures LLC and MIC Ponddy AR Fund LP.With this momentum underway and funding secured, Ponddy will continue bringing to market, a new level of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to language acquisition, initially focusing on Chinese.

“I am very impressed by the AI technology Ponddy has developed. It is intriguing and exciting to see how they made language learning fun and more effective,” said Derek Chen, Chairman of Chenco Holding and President of International Leadership Foundation. “With a leadership team committed to innovation as Ponddy has demonstrated, the company could very possibly define the future of personalized learning.”

Ponddy ’s technology and timely solutions has been a boon to its business and to the resources available to students. Ponddy’s team is comprised of individuals that have access to advanced technologies. They are fully versed in domain knowledge and related operation matrices and have an understanding of the capital markets and the importance of their ability to add value.“I see these rare qualities in Ponddy and am convinced that the company will soon create a positive impact on global education,” added Mr. Chen. 

Ponddy Education Inc., which was launched in 2015, quickly became an innovative language acquisition provider.Using Big Data Analytics and natural language processing to analyze a corpus of over 600 million words, Ponddy developed the Affinity Knowledge Learning System. Their patent-pending AI technology can curate any content into interactive learning modules that are interconnected with networks of highly relevant words, characters, and radicals. Research shows this innovative approach allows for quicker understanding and acquisition of language. This never before enabled language scaffolding is what powers Ponddy’s personalized learning solutions.

“We are extremely pleased that investors find value in Ponddy Education and believe our solution makes it much easier for students, or anyone, to study Chinese, a language that has long been considered a complex language to learn,” said Franz Chen, Founder & CEO of Ponddy Education. “Now, that our Series A funding is complete, we will continue to advance our technology and plan to reach many more students desirous of learning Chinese, and other languages. “

H. Yalan King, Executive Director of the Mandarin Institute who uses Ponddy Smart Textbooks and Ponddy Tutors believes reaching more students becomes a possibility given Ponddy’s technology and services, which accelerates and deepens learning by tailoring education to students anywhere, anytime. 

“With patent-pending technology at the foundation of its artificial intelligence engine and the Affinity Knowledge Learning System, big data analytics and real-time student progress, Ponddy Education Inc., is poised to change the way students learn and teachers teach,” King said.

About Ponddy Education Inc.—Ponddy Education Inc. is an innovator of artificial intelligence-based language learning products and services. They are focused on creating the most effective life-long learning solutions individually personalized for various age groups and professions across the globe. To learn more visit http://ponddy.ai

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