Over 100 Million Young People Relay Warmth on Soul APP

Over 100 Million Young People Relay Warmth on Soul APP

NewYork - 11/21/2020 — Soul APP is a popular social platform for young people. In November, it held an art exhibition entitled "Wonderland of Soul" in Shanghai. The exhibition has the theme of "the human soul will resonate". It features a number of digital installations that combine technology and aesthetics to recreate the human spiritual world. Providing viewers with a new perspective to look into their hearts and conveying warmth in a "Soul-like" way.  

The designer of work "Ring of Resonance" in the exhibition is Encor Studio. It is a well-known Swiss art team. They adopt unique sound and light design. The work combines sound and light rhythm with the change of water surface resonance to restore the different emotional fluctuations of human. This makes the mysterious spiritual world seem to reappear in front of the audience. Their ingenious artistic design brings sensory impact and enables viewers to have an immersive experience of hearts. Audiences can rediscover those neglected emotional corners. They are in the process of exploring themselves and facing their emotions.

A spokesman for Soul APP said that Soul's initial intention was related to caring for people's hearts. This exhibition is an attempt to bring this concern from online to offline. Art has the power to strike at the hearts of the people. Art can convey abstract human emotions and build a bridge between people's hearts. This exhibition hopes to serve as a bridge. The exhibition calls for people to pay attention to their own hearts and those of others. They hope to enhance people's empathy.

The event attracted many young visitors, many of whom were friends who had met at Soul. This weekend, Xiao Xue met her friends in Soul for the first time in reality. They experienced various interesting devices in the exhibition.

"We touch the huge ‘planet ‘of ‘Lone Star on Earth ‘. The rippled light and shadow on it follow our movements. It's like our emotions blend in the planet, and I can experience each other's emotions. This feeling is amazing." Xiao Xue said that as a "Shanghai drifter", she felt that it was not easy to know her bosom friends. In Soul, it is easy to find friends who resonate with you. Soul brings comfort to her when she feels lonely.

Today, with Soul's mind matching mechanism, there are millions of young people like Xiao Xue. They meet, inspire and heal each other because of their common interests and experiences.

At the beginning of this year. Coco, who was facing college graduation, did not find a job for a long time due to the epidemic. She watched her classmates have the offer of famous enterprises. She felt inferior and lost motivation on the way to find a job. At 3: 00 a.m., she started voice matching for the first time on Soul. The girl hopes to find someone to pour out her troubles. After connecting, she was sad and cannot speak. After a brief silence, that people noticed her mood. The man asked her, "Do you want to listen to music?"

Such a simple but considerate sentence moved Coco to tears. She released the grievances and repression over a long time. Late that night, the two of them listened to songs and talked. This warmhearted experience made Coco realize that she was not alone. She will regain her heart to face up to the difficulties.

Souler Xiaobai loves children from an early age. After graduation, she entered the hospital and became a therapist. Her daily job is to help children with congenital diseases to carry out treatment. Most of these children are cerebral palsy patients. Therapists should not only pay attention to their physical condition, but take care of their daily life. Xiao Bai's job is no different from that of a mother.

The most touching moment came from a little angel who recognized her as his mother. "His parents divorced after his birth. Grandma took him to the hospital. I treated him for a year. Once I was helping other children, he ran over and pulled my clothes. He kept pulling me. I looked at him, and he called me’ mother ‘. It was the first time he spoke." From that day on, the boy took Xiao Bai as his mother. For Xiao Bai, he is no longer just a patient, but like a son.

The moments Xiao Bai shared on Soul were simple and warm. The story touched many Souler who happened to pass by. It inspires those who are struggling for their studies and work. The people who commented on Xiaobai are many. They are students who took the postgraduate entrance examination. They are programmers who worked overtime every day. And drivers who drove late at night... They were all loyal fans of Xiaobai and the children. "Whenever I feel that I can't hold on, I come here to see the story and the children. After reading it, I feel motivated to stick to it."

Behind the warm story of Coco and Xiaobai is Generation Z's healing of loneliness through Soul. According to Soul's "Generation Z Social Report". More than 70% of Generation Z users have a narrow circle of friends. 89% of users want to expand their circle of friends through social software. Generation Z accounts for 60% of Soul users. There are many admirable groups such as firefighters and doctors among them. Their excellent qualities set an example for young users. This enables more people who love life and work hard to find emotional resonance.

Soul APP has more than 100 million users. Younger people are joining the upsurge of spiritual socializing. Soul is changing from social communication value to social value. Soul hopes to find warmth and transmit warmth. In order to enhance young people's sense of achievement and happiness.

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