One App Operationalizing the Childcare Industry

One App Operationalizing the Childcare Industry

Kinderlime, the leading provider of childcare management SaaS platform, announced the latest release of its version 2.0 solution with a completely revamped user experience coupled with a comprehensive list of new features. 

This launch furthers Kinderlime’s mission to operationalize every childcare program in the country and consolidate its market leadership in the daycare and afterschool management space. There is significant amount of paperwork related to licensing, attendance, billing, parent connections and in maintaining child and family records. Kinderlime solves all of this in one mobile app and an easy to use SaaS platform for schools and daycares. 

Kinderlime schools are able to save more than 20 hours each week by automating their attendance, staff payroll and billing processes. Kinderlime has served programs in school districts like Alachua, LAUSD and private preschools across the country.

“With the Kinderlime 2.0 platform, the future of childcare management is here,” says Kinderlime co-founder and chief technologist Nalin Senthamil. “The system was re-created from the ground up. The biggest piece was consolidating the experience for schools and the parents into one app. We are also very excited for our new billing features. We have done something no childcare platform has done before: we combined recurring billing plans with tuition and hourly billing to streamline billing for our customers.” Additionally, the platform gives parents the ability to get involved with their child’s preschool through newsletters, photos, daily activities & messaging. Kinderlime 2.0 abstracts the complex workflows of childcare administrators in one simplified application.

There are more enhancements that are underway with registrations and integrations with student information systems (SIS) and financial systems. “We collect millions of data points each day. We will soon use machine learning to map these data points enabling predictive enrollment & scheduling, enhancing parent engagement and ensuring better business decisions. It is going to have a huge impact on how schools and childcare centers run their program,” says Nalin. 

The childcare industry has grown substantially over the last few decades, but in the age of smartphones and self driving cars, the life of an administrator is still stacked with paperwork. That is where Kinderlime found it’s footing. Built by parents and daycare providers, each feature of Kinderlime has been developed with the childcare owners, after school directors, and parents in mind. Since 2012, Kinderlime has automated over 2,500 schools by putting their operations on autopilot.

Stay tuned for more as Kinderlime continues to simplify childcare programs and put more time in the hands of administrators.

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